Breaking news: lawyer Iscandri arrested in the Alie Kabba court case

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 5 January 2016

Alieu-IscandriProminent Sierra Leonean lawyer Alieu Iscandri (Photo) who is based in the USA, has this morning been arrested in the court room where Dr. Alie Kabba’s case is being heard.

The maverick magistrate Mohamed Seray Wurie ordered his arrest on allegation that lawyer Iscandri had posted a demeaning statement on facebook  about the legal profession in Sierra Leone.

This latest action by magistrate Seray Wurie, reinforces the  negative perception held by many regarding his professionalism and abuse of power in the courtroom.

Hundreds of opposition SLPP supporters and well wishers of  Dr. Alie Kabba are demonstrating outside the court buildings, demanding the release of Alie Kabba.

More on this later.


  1. Sierra Leoneans must not sit back watching helplessly as our freedoms, Rights and opinions are being tampered with, with the intention to intimidate citizens who dare speak up against power bullying by the state legal system.

    Magistrate Mohamed Seray wurie is completely out of touch with democratic principles of the modern world we live in today.

    With such legal action, it just confirms the use of power bullying, and as such Magistrate Wurie is the very professional in the judiciary demeaning the legal profession.

    Opposition parties together with non partisans must come together to denounce strongly this intent to drive the country back to a dictatorial system. We live in a democratic system and the whole world is observing developments in the country.

    Sierra Leoneans make your voices heard loudly to stop the forces of dictatorship in our land!

  2. What has happened to our pillar of democracy that is based on freedom of expression. A right to express our thoughts, views and perceptions on issues is in no way to be targeted as criminal offense. This is a breach of our fundamental rights.

    Any such abuse of fundamental human rights portrays that democracy in sierra Leone is nothing but a formality.

    I appreciate the effort and work of the Sierra Leone Telegraph newspaper. Keep it up. One day change will come. Hope is on its way. And when that day comes, light will forbid darkness; and the hearts that believe shall join in the cause to fight against injustice.

    God bless sierra Leone.

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