Commission of Inquiry Indictees must pay up by December

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 9 November 2020:

The Principal Legal Consultant in Sierra Leone’s Office of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice – Barrister Lahai Momoh Farmah,  has warned all those indicted by the Commission of Inquiry into abuse of office and corruption in the former government,  to repay all stolen funds by the 24th of December 2020, or face the full force of the law.

Speaking at a news conference held at the Ministry of Information and Communications Conference Room in Freetown today, the Principal Legal Consultant explained that December 24 will be exactly three months since the government White Paper was published by  president Dr. Julius Maada Bio, giving indictees a grace period of 90 days.

He said that the government’s law officers will start enforcing the recommendations of the White Paper immediately after the expiration of the grace period, and that those who have not entered into plea bargain  or have not started paying back will be chased and forced to comply with the recommendations.

He spoke about the steps taken so far by the Ministry of Justice to ensure implementation of the White Paper recommendations, saying that there are three stages involved and two are already underway.

Mr. Farmah said that they have received offers from a good number of people and institutions that have agreed to pay back into a special bank account set up for that purpose by the Accountant General’s Office.

He commended the Ministry of Information and Communications for popularising the White Paper nationally, and for engaging stakeholders regionally on its findings and recommendations.

Mr. Farmah also said that they have already received 58 appeals from indicted persons, and they are presently working on preparing responses to all of them.

He assured that they are working round the clock to ensure that those that have legitimate and genuine appeals get justice.

The Minister of Information and Communications – Mohamed Rahman Swaray, reiterated that the White Paper recommendations will be implemented in full, adding that anyone who gets in the way of its implementation will face the full force of the law.


  1. Highly appreciated, Mr Jalloh and Mr Sorie – kind,sincere and heartfelt words are always regarded as treasures to be savored,relished and cherished.Thank you! Again,
    I totally agree Mr Sorie our differences are ideological…i never considered you or anyone else on the glorious forum as my sworn enemies,but my astute opponents with different viewpoints and beliefs – that’s the beautiful thing about democracy it has the indispensable ability to facilitate a non-threatening environment for all voices to be heard no matter how different they may be.

  2. Welcome back Mr Stargazer, good to hear your girlfriend is making a full recovery . All the best my brother.

  3. STARGAZER, welcome back and I hope your girlfriend makes an unconditional full recovery. Our fight is ideological not personal.

  4. Gentlemen – please forgive my month long absence from our glorious forum; My girlfriend has been hospitalized for almost four weeks due to a sudden attack of Chronic non-infectious Pneumonia and during this challenging period, I have not been able to sit still or have a moment of rest; It was a moment of trial in which I have been totally, helplessly subdued with unexpected challenges and commitments that viciously shackled me like a prisoner from head to toe with countless demanding obligations – financial, emotional, moral and professional.

    But after the storm always come a moment of calm – the difficult, chaotic times have passed – she was discharged from the hospital today, the Doctor said she no longer needs inpatient care and can go home – All praises to the Master of Creation for his kindness and tender mercies showed towards her and myself.

    I know a lot has been happening since I left without notice like an early morning mist chased away by the blazing Rising sun but it had to be so; when our sacred responsibilities beckon we must obey…It really feels great to be back! Let the catching up now begin. There’s a Sun that Rises that never ever sets, do not fret or fidget with doubt but look for it diligently without regret.

  5. This is a nightmare scenario for the corrupt APC politicians which was the main reason that they refused to accept defeat in the 2018 presidential elections. I hope the lifetime leader and his stooge Samura Kamara won’t repeat the incident in Makeni by hiding behind the secret societies because the people of Freetown won’t tolerate that primitive behavior. May the Almighty continue to bless our young and energetic ACC commissioner whose score has improved from 79% to 81% in the fight against corruption.

  6. They keep moving the goal post. First we were told within thirty days, months later we are yet to hear anything concrete, or any evidence that things are playing out the way Bio and the ACC were telling us it will play out. I think when push comes to shove, Bio and his accomplices are getting cold feet. This idea of putting out Press releases, and making threats really undermines the public trust in you. The only way you can restore any semblance of trust in this government and the ACC is to follow through your threats, and where necessary, take the appropriate action where it is needed. Other than that, stop creating tension in the country.

    If you are serious about fighting corruption, just get on with it, the public is 100% behind you. You have to investigate everyone. There should be “NO IFS AND BUTS”. The evidence should lead the way regardless of who you upset. At the end of the day, its results that matter, not wishful thinking. Bottom line, the ACC and Bio’s government have lost all credibility in fighting corruption in our country. If we go by his track record, it doesn’t inspire confidence in fighting this cancer we call corruption. This tick box exercise to satisfy our international donor partners needs to stop. Or if you really think you are doing it for the good of our country, just get on with it, and stop bombarding us with unrealistic goals. May God bless Sierra Leone.

  7. Well December is all but in name already with us. The nation is patiently waiting to see whether the bull dog has teeth or not. Evidence seems to suggest that the incisors are missing. They were quickly extracted when billions of Leones started going missing at various government departments. It was a strategic move; the SLPP government were jolted to the reality that in under three years they could be out of office. They contrived therefore that unless they extracted the incisors of the bull dog it would tear them apart under the instructions of APC or NGC.

    But if Maada Bio and his gang do implement the recommendations of the White Paper Sierra Leone is about to enter a promising phase for first time since her failed attempt to gain independence sixty years ago. The evidence of that humiliating failure is all over the place : We are still being told what to do by foreigners and foreign institutions , the latest being the EU representative in our country. We lost our national pride on the 27th of April 1961. Nowadays we beg for our survival while sitting on top of natural riches. I don’t know the meaning of irony anymore, official corruption took it out of my dictionary. May the Almighty Allah/God help us.

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