Sierra Leone’s Judiciary suspends court sittings as staff go on training 

Amin Kef Sesay: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 10 November 2020:

The Judiciary of Sierra Leone yesterday Monday, 9th November, closed its doors for six-days as its staff go on training. Court Registrars, Support and Administrative staff have all down tools to attend the training programme which is aimed at enhancing their effectiveness and efficiency in carrying out their duties. The training will end on Saturday, 14th November, 2020.

The training programme is fully funded by the Judiciary with funds from the Government of Sierra Leone, under the leadership of Chief Justice Desmond Babatunde Edwards, to bring sustainable reforms, improving court governance and administration.

“We have a responsibility not only in the administration of justice but to provide a demand-driven training for our staff so as to build capacity for an effectively functioning Judiciary,” said Hon. Chief Justice Desmond Babatunde Edwards.

The training will cover roles of the Court Registrars, Bailiffs, Court Secretaries in both Civil and Criminal proceedings; treatment of vulnerable and special witnesses, bail and bond regulations, bail and bond requirements, management of records, facilities and assets, ethics – with particular reference to the code of conduct for support staff and many more.

There will be no court sittings until after Saturday, 14th November, 2020.


  1. Is Desmond Babatunde Edwards sure that only the ancillaries to the judiciary who need to be retrained? The truth is , the entire judicial system is in immediate need to be retrained to bring it to par with modernity where fairness, objectivity and total professionalism are the pillars in dispensing justice. Desmond Edwards himself should be part of the retraining programme. He has been part of a judicial system that is outmoded, archaic and stacked against ordinary people.

    We are no longer in the days when my illiterate father, Momoh , was able to win a case against a well educated and well connected landlord . The magistrate quite simply applied the law. These days the law is on the side of the well off and well connected. I doubt whether Desmond Edwards has the guts and wherewithal to make the law equally protect everybody however rich or dirt poor they are. The judiciary has become a big joke – too funny for laughter.

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