The Americans have spoken – Lessons for Sierra Leone – Op-ed

Concerned Citizen: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 10 November 2020:

Despite Trump’s shameful insistence to turn America’s democracy into a global laughing stock, you have to respect America’s institutions for their independence and strict adherence to their rules.

Immediately it became clear that Biden is almost certainly going to win, the Secret Service automatically extended their protection to him, even as the sitting President is still crying foul.

They didn’t have to wait to receive order from anyone, not even from the President. Processes are automatically triggered irrespective of whoever is involved.

As the President is screaming and threatening brimstones, counting of votes continues in states. He lacks the power to stop them. A whole President!

Several litigations brought by his team to stop the counting have been thrown out by the courts for lack of evidence.

Even the media cut him off when he started making unfounded allegations during a press conference.

I am certain that if Trump can order the military or National Guards to shut down vote counting centers, he would have done so.

But he knows the military will not obey such order because their allegiance is not to him, their C-in-C, but to the American people.

These can only happen in a country with strong and independent institutions; a country where institutions supersede individuals.  I see the events of the past few days as a test of the strength of America’s institutions, and so far, they have done quite well.

They have proven that despite all its flaws, America’s democracy is too matured to be held hostage by a power-drunk man.

A lesson for Sierra  Leone and Africa in general: We don’t need strong men , we need strong institutions!


  1. The end of the most contentious American election in the history of the United States which the results have proven beyond a shred of doubt that former V.P Joe Biden has won hands down is only the beginning of perplexing controversial and heart breaking times to come. The Americans are now being compelled to carry a huge unstable monkey on their backs – nope let me rephrase, a monstrous disgruntled untamed gorilla no one is able to boldly confront or get rid of is on their backs making the most shocking baseless threats, hell-bent on holding Democracy to ransom.

    Donald Trump’s refusal to concede and accept the legitimate results has already deepened the the cracks of antagonistic racial prejudices directed against people of different ethnicity and religious beliefs. African Americans in mind-blowing numbers voted for Biden and Harris but Trump is trying very hard to delegitimize an openly transparent election process claiming it was fraudulent even though he has no credible evidence to support his claims. Transition is at a stand still, Americans are jittery – the gorilla on the White House lawn is adamantly refusing to co-operate with the incoming administration simply because he hates losing.

    Its clear he is now ready to go the whole nine yards; A Narcissist like Donald that loves the limelight will surely do all he can to cling on to power. Joe Biden should now brace himself for the roughest ride of his political career because Donald Trump will not go away ‘GENTLY INTO THE NIGHT’ of obscurity and insignificance – before Biden is sworn in on January 20th Democracy would be lucky to still be alive and well in the United States – Donald is prepared to methodically dissect all what America stands for into pieces, just like the internal organs and parts of a zoological specimen, after which he will throw it with contempt into the rubbish heap, and then validate it in history books written by the arrogant hands of self-conceited men.(lol)

  2. First of all, there is no such thing as the rule of law in Sierra Leone, in so far as, the constitution confers on the president “supreme executive authority”. That’s a coded phrase that is archaic, the foundation block for strongmen that must be demolished in the constitution, to emphasis the supremacy of the laws and to strengthen the institutions.

    We must build strong institutions, empower them to do the right thing, or I’m afraid, we can talk all we want about this and that, as well intentioned as we may be, it ain’t gonna happen, the strong and independent institutions we would like to see, when we continue to say that, our rulers have “supreme” powers more than the laws. Because, obviously presidents come and go but, the state and its institutions are a going concern.

  3. Democracy is an over used word. Every government claims to be democratic. The issue then becomes who has the right to tell others about what is democratic or not? It depends on you are talking to, or who you are talking about. In the recent concluded election in the Ivory coast, American secretary of state Pompeo, voiced his concerns and urged Ivorian politicians to respect the will of the people. I only wish he can whisper the same words to his boss Trump. Trump contesting the recently concluded elections in America in which he clearly lost to the Biden Harris ticket, has added new meaning to do as I say, don’t do as I do. For the record Sierra Leone has a similar constitution set up or arrangements – the executive, legislator and judiciary. These are the three pillars that underpin a true and functioning democracy.

    In my view the judiciary is the most important arm of government. Trump, the nine hundred pound silver back gorilla, and his seventy million plus supporters, can’t be dismissed or ignored anymore in the American political scene. The only way he can be put back in his cage is by the independent American justice system. The judiciary is the only one that will force him to accept the results. What a shame, I wish our judiciary was independent like that, instead of towing what ever Bio ask them to do. I wish the African union can come out and tell our American friends to respect democracy and the rule of law. And stop trying to rig the elections. The American people have spoken. Otherwise we might impose sanctions on America!

  4. The STRONG men institutions must be criminalised. How could a single man control an entire population with such ease is what boggles my mind. Weak and corrupt elites is all what it takes to be the god of your party. People shiver when they hear the name of Mr President, its a shame. Strong institutions, institutions, but where is the education that inspires people to stand up to others

  5. Hail to the author of AMERICANS HAVE SPOKEN. The author pinned the meaning and idealism of American democracy. America is borne and coined in strict principles of the rules of law on which pillar, democracy stands. In America, the law rules the very head of state of the nation, its citizens and the three prime fiduciary organization of the government; which are the EXECUTIVE, JUDICIARY and LEGISLATIVE.

    This model of government makes America prosperous and great. In most African democracy, including Sierra Leone, the head of states rules the laws of the land, as such the nation becomes their personal property. I hope that post American election may shed light to our leaders in Africa that this is the manifesto, of what democracy is about.

    The failure and lack of prosperity in most African countries is the diversity of their democracy into bigotry, corruption, tribalism, ignorance, power thirst, lack of love for their countries and getting filthy rich. Sierra Leone can become a very prosperous and a great nation if the above are expunged, and the true meaning of democracy is embraced.(let voices of the people stand).

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