David Sengeh among world’s 100 most influential young people in government

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 28 November 2018:

Apolitical – a global policy platform, has today announced its inaugural list of 100 Future Leaders: ‘The World’s Most Influential Young People in Government for 2018’, and Dr David Sengeh – Sierra Leone’s Chief Innovation Officer is not only on the list, but is among the Top 20.

The list recognises young people from all over the world who are making an impact early in their government careers. Those included are all 35 years old or under.

Apolitical is optimistic about the future of government, and it wants this list to highlight the work of remarkable young people who could lead into that future.

Some are rising stars who are already winning attention for the work they do. Others may work behind the scenes, but wield unexpected amounts of influence for their age, or inspire their peers or older colleagues to greater things, says Apolitical.

Public servants from all levels of government appear alongside local and national politicians.

Whilst the politicians may be better known as formidable campaigners and communicators, Apolitical says it also recognise that machinery of government is often driven by lower profile but crucial civil servants that are working to improve the lives of citizens every day.

On the list you’ll find remarkable young people including:

Armstrong Pame (Photo) — who built a 100km road in India through crowdfunding, without any government resources; Michael Tubbs — the youngest mayor in US history; Naisula Lesuuda — Kenya’s youngest senator, a former journalist and founder of a peace movement; Sayida Ounissi — whose parents fled Tunisia when she was five, and who now sits in the country’s government; and Amanda Smith — The first recipient of the Bloomberg WISE Open Technology award.

The 100 Most Influential Young People in Government were curated from nominations from hundreds of public servants from over 20 national governments as well as experts at Harvard, Georgetown, One Young World, Plan International, the UN and the OECD.

“Apolitical’s platform champions new ideas and fresh thinking in the public service,” said Apolitical CEO Robyn Scott. “By highlighting the work of the next generation of government, we aim to build support for the young leaders taking government into the 21st century.”


“The world urgently needs more smart, mission-driven young people in government,” said Lisa Witter, Apolitical’s Executive Chairman.

“We hope that by showcasing the impressive young people on this list, that we will also inspire more young people to follow in their footsteps,” says Lisa Witter. (Photo: Dr David Sengeh).

Drawing on hundreds of nominations from experts and leading organisations, the list recognises people in the field of government and policy, who have made a mark early in their careers.

These include some well-known faces at the centre of policy-making who are exerting influence on the international stage.

But Apolitical also shine the spotlight on those quietly transforming the face of government at the local or national level.

These young leaders are ones to watch, who will continue to transform governments far and wide for years to come, says Apolitical.

Last month president Julius Maada Bio unveiled Sierra Leone’s first Directorate of Science and Technology (DST) at State House, to support government’s delivery on development and boost innovation and entrepreneurship.

Speaking at the launching ceremony, the newly appointed Chief Innovation Officer at the Directorate, Dr Moinina David Sengeh said that science, technology and innovation are vital to solving twenty-first-century problems, adding that scientific research would produce discoveries to improve lives and societies.

The young scientist also said that there are prospects for technological breakthroughs that would revolutionise commerce and knowledge-sharing. He told the people of Sierra Leone that innovation would inspire people to seek new solutions to persistent problems.

You can see the full list of the ‘World’s Most Influential Young People in Government for 2018’ here:


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  1. Thank God that this international organization decided to name Dr. David Sengeh as one of the top twenty influential young leaders in government around the world based on his ability to change the world rather than his wardrobe.

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