Former head of state – Captain Valentine Strasser is not dead

State House Freetown: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 9 January 2019:

The former Head of State, Valentine Strasser is alive and still admitted at the Aspen Medical Hospital in Freetown.

Following the Executive Clearance by His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio, the Government of Sierra Leone through the Ministry of Health and Sanitation has concluded arrangement for the medical evacuation of Valentine Strasser.

The former Head of State will depart Lungi International Airport tomorrow, Thursday 10th January 2019 on a chartered air ambulance to Accra, Ghana, for Medical Treatment. He will also be accompanied by a team of medical staff to Accra.

As a nation, the former Head of State will be kept in our collective prayers and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Yusuf Keketoma Sandi – Press Secretary and Presidential Spokesman


  1. What is the current condition and health of H.E former president Strasser? I heard that he was a world youngest President in 1992. I’m from Tanzania.

    • Thank you very much Elizabeth for your participation and contribution to the national debate. Sierra Leone needs both LADIES and GENTLEMEN to progress. Many people will be very happy when they see women participating on this platform to make Sierra Leone a better place.
      God Bless you.


  3. May the healing power of God reconstruct you. Mr. Strasser I pray that you will be well cared for. Thank you president Bio, what a gentle man you are. God bless you!

  4. Former HE, May Jehovah Rapha heal you and restore your health. HE and CIC Brig Julius Maada Bio, may God greatly reward you and Grant you long life for this great act of kindness which others over the years failed to do.

  5. Chief, thanks for this peace-oriented write up. Yes! war in any form doesn’t bear a good for all. Yes! the solution to salvaging war is not by its mongers but by those, like you, who put forward undeniable solution to lure peace. I must say kudos to all Sierra Leoneans who made it possible for that 3rd peace ranking position in Africa in 2018, as one of the most peaceful countries.

    We the youths say politics, money, and unfulfilled promises will never, I mean never again divide, lure us to war. The big fool tycoons who are the country’s enemies will never succeed in galvanising us to take the route of war. However, the youths must be cared for. They should be in key governmental positions; involved in peace talks and thus development will reign in Mama Salone.

  6. Mr. Strasser is a hero. He is believed to have got that bullet penetrated pain during his resilient fight with the RUF Junta, in the 90s. As a nation, we should set right our supplications for his speedy recovery. Get well soon our hero.

  7. I will never forget the day the army led by Captain Valentine Strasser marched into Freetown, went to State House and announced the takeover. It is a bright and sunny morning in 1992, students heading for school, market women with wares on their heads, workers heading for their offices.

    When the coup began, everyone rushed back home to take cover as they could hear the sound of gunshots which actually sounded like fire crackers (banga) cutting through the air. I would say it was a bloodless coup. We all heard Captain Valentine Strasser announcing in a breathless voice (having raced up the stairs of State House) that the Army had taken over and the APC had been ousted from power.

    What a day it was, to realise we the Sierra Leonean people had finally been set free from the APC cabal after more than 20 years of misrule. We will always be grateful to Strasser for that.

    It is my hope that the medical team in Ghana will address not only his physical issues, but also any mental problems. I hope he comes back to Sierra Leone a ‘new’ man, free of all dependencies and take his rightful place in society as a respected former head of state.

    Captain Strasser we wish you Godspeed. I am also happy that President Bio made available state funds to enable him seek medical help in Ghana. Well done Prezzo.

  8. It’s a sad for me to See my former Head of state in this kind of condition. I pray for your fast recovery Sir.

  9. Seeing the images of strasser really saddens me. A former head of state left stranded all these years in frustration. What kind of democracy are we practising in Sierra Leone. Selfishness, greed, corruption and pull-down syndrome. What a world we live in. I pray for a speedy recovery sir. I salute you no matter what. You will always be remembered as a hero. May the healing hands of God be upon you.

  10. A new beginning for Sierra Leone. So very proud to be a Sierra Leonean. I never thought political environment will ever allow such to happen. Best wishes to Mr. Strasser for a speedy recovery. May God continue to guide our President to continue making gainful decisions. God bless our Sierra Leone.

  11. Helping the former head of the country is a great news. if you work within the laws of the land, so many believe you will move Sierra Leone to greater height.

  12. Our hearts and prayers are with you. May the Almighty God give you a speedy recovery. Thanks to president Bio and his government for making this evacuation to Ghana possible. See you soon.

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