Update on the unfolding political situation in Sudan

Mo Ibrahim Foundation: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 9 January 2019:

Following a statement published by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation last week, Dr Mo Ibrahim commented yesterday, 8 January 2019, on the unfolding political situation in Sudan.

The Founder and Chair of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation said, “70 % of the budget [in Sudan] is spent on security, armed forces, militias. It is no wonder that the country is going backwards. To be able to manage to buy food – even bread – has become difficult.”

“The message is clear…they [the government] have been rejected now, completely rejected by the people. This is everywhere, in all the towns in Sudan people are coming out and saying: enough is enough.”

Highlighting his hopes for the future of Sudan, Dr Ibrahim stated, “Please, accept a peaceful transition of power and go in peace.”

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