Former president Koroma of Sierra Leone must step down in October

Dr Sylvia Olayinka Blyden: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 19 August 2020:

To solve Sierra Leone’s democratic woes, it is not Maada Bio but Ernest Bai Koroma who must go. Sierra Leone’s problem is not just with Government. We have absence of an effective Opposition to checkmate the excesses of the Governing SLPP.

I hereby ask APC comrades to sincerely thank Ernest Bai Koroma for his great service as chairman/leader/president and prepare to wish him a permanent goodbye from the helm of the APC  on 15th October 2020 which marks the end of his tenure.

Let us also thank Hon. Minkailu Mansaray, Ambassador Osman Yansaneh and others for their services but we now need a transparent, modern APC team to restore Sierra Leone’s lofty democratic credentials.

I call on all APC Comrades to distance themselves from Adebayo’s call to remove Maada Bio/SLPP unconstitutionally.

Adebayo’s call is dangerously futile and fails to understand that Ernest Koroma’s current lack of leadership is a problem.

We need an effective Opposition who can use democratic tools to ensure the removal of the SLPP from governance through democratic means. The current APC team cannot do it because of blackmail, etc.

Join me to thank EBK’s Team for past services but they must GO!

Please also listen to my audio recording explaining why I (Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden – OOR) believe that Dr Ernest Bai Koroma must go:


  1. I personally believe that our country is finally “ RISING AGAIN” because of this INCONVENIENT TRUTH that has been told by a patriotic citizen. With the focus on Human Capital Development through the Free quality education, and the fight against corruption which have improved our respect , integrity and credibility around the world, truth to the lifetime chairman and leader of the APC was the only missing piece that will finally restore peace , stability and sustainable development in Sierra Leone.

  2. Ms Blyden is spot. The APC leadership needs to change baton without recourse, and now is the time. It’s no blackmail or yellow mail thing, but stark reality. Financial corruption gained grounds when our moral and traditional values for orderliness stopped breathing. The moment we build these cult leaderships, the rest is gone, the guy could do anything and no one dare question because the process that got him there was corrupt to the core.

  3. Aminata Conteh says—“ The APC tried to derail the Freecare education. Trucks carrying school materials were burnt in some part of the country. When Peter Bayo Konteh made a speech in Makeni decrying such acts in the north region, he was accused of abusing his northern brothers and sisters.”

    Exactly where and when did this take place madam Conteh? How many ‘trucks full of school materials were burnt’ and why did it not make it to the news media? Yes, one of the school bus given to Makeni schools, with its designated parking place being inside the compound of Makeni city council, was damage by a garbage truck driver who was trying to maneuvered his way inside the same compound where all official city council vehicles are housed. Upon the slight damage which was a cracked windshield and some minor dents, the mayor of Makeni was on record, promising to fix the said damage. So i am not sure exactly what other truck loads of school materials were destroy. This intelligent forum deserves some clarification please. We are tired of FAKE NEWS peddlers!!

  4. Stargazer – Your prophetic words have come true;treachery has finally revealed its gruesome hideous face for all to see at a time when economic hardships,social and emotional insecurities have become prevalent in our Sierra Leone. What say you my kind young friend? Now, who is it among those millions languishing in abject despair and poverty that has ever heard and understood a story as troubling as the one i am about to tell? Once upon a time a nursery of raccoons with their little minds firmly resolved approached a herd of elephants and made a brazen perplexing request; “You also are an unmatched incomparable warrior with great strength therefore we have come to you asking for your help” they said.

    And then they hastily continued; “We no longer want the lion as King over us,appoint another leader that will lead us”. Upon hearing such a bizarre outlandish statement the elephants couldn’t stop laughing – they laughed hysterically until their tusks started to rattle like giant drums.Then the oldest one among them said to the raccoons; “Why have you come here to ask the impossible from us and disturb our peace you flea infested raccoons that lack refined discernment and good judgement? The King of the beasts can only be dethroned by another,not by a bunch of silly delusional mindless raccoons.Away,away off you go,with your illusions and fallacious mistaken beliefs.”

    And they chased the raccoons away until they were completely out of their sight.So next the raccoons approached a massive tiger resting under a giant Cotton tree and again uttered their same eerie foolish request;(lol) The Tiger that was half asleep was stunned when he heard their words,and woke up instantly roaring like thunder; “Are you serious to be on a quest to dethrone a Majestic lion? YOU who are as changeable as Chameleons and the color of leaves as seasons come and go? YOU that have been feeding excessively on the scraps and leftovers of lions for centuries,have sustained yourselves and grown fat;YOU now want to repay the kindness of the KING with ingratitude? Away from here raccoons that have been lead astray from the prudent ways of integrity and dignity; Answer – For what paltry sum have you sold your tarnished soul to erratic foxes, wolves, vultures and hyenas?

  5. It is not a hidden fact that former President Earnest Bai Koroma (EBK) was ready to relinquish the Chairmanship and Leadership of the APC; though this process was disrupted at the last APC convention held at Port Loko. Many supporters would recall that through the collaboration of the NRM (a faction of the APC), the SLPP and a crooked Judiciary, an injunction was mysteriously carved out in the High Court, at the eleventh hour, that prevented the objectives of the convention to be debated and carried out on that fateful day of 11th January 2020. At a time when the APC is just gathering momentum amidst the unconstitutional, barbaric and tyrannical reign of the SLPP, the least the APC can do is to succumb to premeditated distraction.

    The timing of Dr Sylvia Olayinka Blyden’s outburst should be treated with caution and as well as SUSPICION. Over the years, she has demonstrated that she is capable of creating political turbulence, of being a nuisance and an attention seeker. Nonetheless, when the pressure mounts, she has proved that she is not a lady made of steel; that she can easily buckle like a can made of lead metal. This was evident from her recent detention at Pademba Road prison, wherein she suddenly became infected with the Stockholm syndrome and started praise-singing her captors. Perhaps, the APC should facelift their leadership, however Dr Sylvia Blyden has highlighted on various occasions that she lacked the attributes to be part of that process.

    It sounds melodramatic in the plight of the APC at a time when Maada Bio is converting himself to be the lifetime Leader and Chairman of the SLPP, the APC is to dismantle the pillars that held it together. The problems of the APC and the absence of strong opposition in parliament is not because of EBK. Since the SLPP came to power two and half years ago, there has been no impetus on the part of the fringe parties (C4C and NGC) to coordinate a formidable opposition with the APC. In a way, C4C and NGC had been propping up the SLPP and encouraged the erratic behaviour of Maada Bio the country is witnesseing today. At times it seems as if the APC is in power, and the SLPP, C4C and NGC are in opposition. Vert Strange!

  6. Is this the beginning of the end of Dr Sylvia Blyden’s political career? I 100% percent support Mr Sulaiman S Jalloh’s stance on this matter. Any politician trying to be flip flopping here and there with his or her position under any political stress or squalid political condition, is dangerous and could have brutal political repercussions. Beware flip flopping politicians! God bless the former Commander in Chief of the Sierra Leone Armed forces and former President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Dr Ernest Bai Koroma. TBC. See you soon ladies and gentlemen.

  7. I am petrified when some of the same people (few of them) on this forum say that opposition has been stiffled by this government. Since the return of multiparty democracy in 1996, I believe that this current government has allowed and is been opposed more than any of the three governments since then. President Kabba’s government for example after 2002 had very little opposition as the APC was still weak trying to rebuild itself. The Kerefa Smart UNPP was disintegrating and PDP was dead.

    When Ernest Koroma came to power in 2007, with Kabba and Berewa retiring from politics, many that Kabba had empowered in his government crossed carpeted to the APC; others who had fled with the PMDC joined charles Margai to form a unity government with the APC. The SLPP was fighting for its survival as an opposition. After the 2012, the SLPP was split into two. Those who mounted genuine opposition (the Bio faction) were in the Diaspora mostly the UK. the faction led by Dr. Bernadette Lahai were in bed with the APC. When the APC decided to amend the clause in 1991 Constitution about the appointment of the speaker from a nonpartisan former Judge to a party non legal person, Bernadette Lahai was asked by her party to oppose the move. She not only fail to do so but actually went ahead to nominate the APC candidate for the position against her party candidate who was a legal person.

    Currently, the APC party has been more concern with fighting the COI and in the process have become more of a rogue opposition who genuinely does not oppose government policies that are inimical for national interest but personal issues. The APC for example opposed the national cleaning exercise. When the Mayor of Freetown cooperated, she was branded a traitor. The APC tried to derail the Freecare education. Trucks carrying school materials were burnt in some part of the country. When Peter Bayo Konteh made a speech in Makeni decrying such acts in the north region, he was accused of abusing his northern brothers and sisters.

  8. The former President’s position as chairman and leader is one which he should stepped down from immediately after leaving office to maintain his respect. It is unconventional for retired Presidents to be actively involved in politics. Their role should be that of elder statesmen who others consult in times of difficulties.

    His position as Chairman and leader is entirely untenable and cannot be justified, which is the problem we have by placing power in the hands of one person believing that without them things cannot go on. Absolute rubbish as political vacuum is never left unfulfilled, and I agree with the author on this. The baton should be passed to a new generation of leaders.

  9. Metaphorically speaking, if you imagine a country like a pressure cooker, you have to have a hole in the cover to let out steam. Now for argument sake lets imagine the government of the day decides to block that steam vent, the cooker at some point will explode. Right now President Bio has not only blocked that hole by suppressing free press and silencing the opposition, but he wants to destroy the pressure cooker, so families can go to bed hungry. Mali under president Keita dictatorship comes to mind as well. It never ends well for these people.

    We all want good things to happen in our country so we can have our debates and whilst at the same time respect each others opinion without being rude to each other. Unless of course you live in TRUMP ORBIT. After all in political terms the opposition parties and FREE PRESS are the air vents that chanel peoples opinions on matters that they regard or directly think will impact their lives. Yes a strong opposition will help check the excessive of government powers. At the same time support government where they think their policies needs improvement. Like president Bio flag ship free education or even the way his government handled Covid19.

    On the other hand you call him out where his government fall short, like the police killings at pademba road, lunsar, Tombo, MAKEIN, the way he treated Rt major poalo conteh. As for former EKB, surely, there is still role left for him to play within the APC party. As the former president and chairman of the party, you canot discard him in the dustbin of history. THIS IS WHERE WE GET OUR POLITICS IN THE WRONG WAY ROUND. African tradition dictates we respect our elders. So more than ever we need an effective opposition. In the absence of that we leave the stage for the likes of Adebayo, and many others like him that are able to articulate the voice of the voiceless. May God bless the Republic of Sierra Leone.

  10. Yes indeed, an effective opposition is clearly missing in the midst of the most repressive democratic regime in our nation’s history. The APC party cannot be taken seriously if its leadership is dormant, petrified, and scared to death in the midst of all the injustices and economic woes. The time for non-violence, democratic resistance to the tyranny that is taking place in our nation cannot be so urgent. Ordinary citizens look up to these political heavy weights to stand up for them.

    All major opposition parties, NGC, APC, and C4C, must prove themselves worthy of a party in waiting to take governance in the near future. If the parties leadership are proving incompetent to perform their task, changes must be effected by all means necessary.

  11. Former President Earnest Koroma, Osman Yansaneh and Minkailu Mansaray do not really want to ride into the political sunset where they would be gripped by melancholic reflection. They never thought for a moment that a day would come when younger members of APC would be so eager to push them aside because they no longer possess what it takes to give direction in the party to mount a serious and sustainable opposition to Bio’s government . They have become too frail and slow for the new political game which is so fierce that it needs leaders who worry less about being blown off their feet on the high wind than how to invent a strategy to cope with the extreme activities of the current government.

    Surely it is not easy to turn away from the scene which has been part of you for decades especially when you are at the bottom of the game. It’s always more gratifying when one leaves while at the top than to go when nobody wants you around anymore anyway – it intensely smells of ingratitude and a lack of reflection on the good times. But it is time for a tearful and painful divorce.

  12. All I’m saying is, though Sylvia is entitled to her opinion just like every other Sierra Leonean,even though the electorate sure do have the final say, I hope this time around it’s the REAL Sylvia Olayinka Blyden speaking. When an audio emerged during her trial, just before her release from prison, where she sang songs of praise for the jury and thanking those who have been there for her, all of a sudden she came back out few hours later and says, “The audio going around social media claiming to be Sylvia Blyden is actually not her” She condemned, vehemently denounced and distanced herself from that audio.

    And here she is again with another episode.I hope this one becomes viable and authentic from the ‘MAMIE IMSEF SEF’ this time around. However,if the current APC chairman is to go, I’m pretty sure it’s the APC electorate and the executive to make that call – Not Sylvia alone. Thats just my own humble opinion.

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