Former president Koroma of Sierra Leone must step down in October

Dr Sylvia Olayinka Blyden: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 19 August 2020:

To solve Sierra Leone’s democratic woes, it is not Maada Bio but Ernest Bai Koroma who must go. Sierra Leone’s problem is not just with Government. We have absence of an effective Opposition to checkmate the excesses of the Governing SLPP.

I hereby ask APC comrades to sincerely thank Ernest Bai Koroma for his great service as chairman/leader/president and prepare to wish him a permanent goodbye from the helm of the APC  on 15th October 2020 which marks the end of his tenure.

Let us also thank Hon. Minkailu Mansaray, Ambassador Osman Yansaneh and others for their services but we now need a transparent, modern APC team to restore Sierra Leone’s lofty democratic credentials.

I call on all APC Comrades to distance themselves from Adebayo’s call to remove Maada Bio/SLPP unconstitutionally.

Adebayo’s call is dangerously futile and fails to understand that Ernest Koroma’s current lack of leadership is a problem.

We need an effective Opposition who can use democratic tools to ensure the removal of the SLPP from governance through democratic means. The current APC team cannot do it because of blackmail, etc.

Join me to thank EBK’s Team for past services but they must GO!

Please also listen to my audio recording explaining why I (Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden – OOR) believe that Dr Ernest Bai Koroma must go:


  1. I personally believe that our country is finally “ RISING AGAIN” because of this INCONVENIENT TRUTH that has been told by a patriotic citizen. With the focus on Human Capital Development through the Free quality education, and the fight against corruption which have improved our respect , integrity and credibility around the world, truth to the lifetime chairman and leader of the APC was the only missing piece that will finally restore peace , stability and sustainable development in Sierra Leone.

  2. Ms Blyden is spot. The APC leadership needs to change baton without recourse, and now is the time. It’s no blackmail or yellow mail thing, but stark reality. Financial corruption gained grounds when our moral and traditional values for orderliness stopped breathing. The moment we build these cult leaderships, the rest is gone, the guy could do anything and no one dare question because the process that got him there was corrupt to the core.

  3. Aminata Conteh says—“ The APC tried to derail the Freecare education. Trucks carrying school materials were burnt in some part of the country. When Peter Bayo Konteh made a speech in Makeni decrying such acts in the north region, he was accused of abusing his northern brothers and sisters.”

    Exactly where and when did this take place madam Conteh? How many ‘trucks full of school materials were burnt’ and why did it not make it to the news media? Yes, one of the school bus given to Makeni schools, with its designated parking place being inside the compound of Makeni city council, was damage by a garbage truck driver who was trying to maneuvered his way inside the same compound where all official city council vehicles are housed. Upon the slight damage which was a cracked windshield and some minor dents, the mayor of Makeni was on record, promising to fix the said damage. So i am not sure exactly what other truck loads of school materials were destroy. This intelligent forum deserves some clarification please. We are tired of FAKE NEWS peddlers!!

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