Gipu Felix-George – the tower of strength behind the glorious days of SLBS

Violetta Luke-Decker: Sierra leone Telegraph: 30 April 2019:

Truer words cannot express how special Gipu was. He was an asset to Broadcasting – a gifted and natural talent. He was composed, astute, efficient, and an effective administrator and Director of the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service (SLBS), with whom I worked very closely during his tenure as Director General before the NPRC era.

He was a determined personality. He sought to put the SLBS squarely on the map, encouraging aspirants with a flare to take the microphone and prove their mettle.

As a team, we both worked very closely, on Radio and Television, on and off the air, taking on Programs, News, Commentaries, Outside Broadcasts, Music Programs when DJs failed to show up for one reason or another, just anything.

And we had a fine Management team as well as a supportive staff who made working with them a pleasure.

It was a clear evidence of the warm and approachable Director General that he was. Gipu made hard work look very easy.

The challenge at Broadcasting House was daunting. With meagre subventions, we had to perform miracles. Even that didn’t faze Gipu.

Somehow, as Director General he managed to take the bull by the horns. Gipu was an all-rounder and very easy-going, a genuine friend.

His deep baritone was unique to him and easily recognizable as he took on the microphone for his very popular ‘Saturday morning Shindig’, which was light hearted, and started the weekend with a hearty bang.

Today, that deep baritone has been silenced. He will be so sadly missed. I will always remember him. Such a friend and colleague!

May Mother Earth rock him gently. GFG you may be gone, but your legacy lives on. You now rest in The Lord. May Our Loving Father grant your gentle soul eternal rest.


  1. Thank you brother, Uncle Gipu Felix-George for the SERVICE you provided for Mama Salone. May your soul rest in perfect peace.

  2. Indeed. A Director General before the NPRC ERA but, A HERO FOREVER. A HERO who was not afraid to PERFORM/EXECUTE his duties even in the midst of THREAT and INTIMIDATION from the KING, the KINGSMEN, THE KHAKI MILITARY MEN and the BIG ARMY. A HERO indeed.

    My heartfelt sympathy to the family. May the Almighty GOD grant him ETERNAL REST. May the soul of this MEDIA AND BROADCASTING GENIUS REST IN PEACE. R. I. P. GIPU FELIX-GEORGE.

  3. Gipu Felix George was very hard-working man and very intelligent. The people of Sierra Leone are going to miss you. We cannot forget you. Rest in Peace.

  4. Another blessed reminder…All streams,and rivers, will eventually end up in the enchanting and boundless oceans, where they will merge and blend effortlessly, with elements, energies, mysterious forces far greater than their own.

    Such is the way of Existence! And the Master of the Universe, in his infinite wisdom has designed and sprinkled our days and nights with joy and sadness; and commanded they be intertwined with laughter, happiness, tears and pain; good and evil.

    Grieve not, because for the Almighty to be glorified, it must be so! And only our Omnipotent God knows, when any will enter and tread this beautiful planet called Earth and again be whisked away into the unknown.

    Indeed! A great river has entered the seas and is on its way at full speed towards its unfathomable celestial depths! What a blessing, to see a glorious end to a life full of promise fulfilled and favoured with endless sunny days, inspirations, friendliness and achievements!

    No question, Gipu was a man that served humanity selflessly and with great kindness and love; so we ask you, implore you, kind and gentle Sea, who is forever welcoming and embraces unreservedly all who enter into your abysmal depths.

    Please, please, judge not thy servant too harshly, but with great compassion and love. He loved his country, his profession, family and fellow citizens. Therefore he will forever be remembered and always be missed.

    Rest in Heaven – Gipu Felix-George! Sierra Leone salutes You!…Rising Sun Will Rise Again!

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