Mourning the betrayal of Independence – Sierra Leone’s Cry for Unity, Freedom, and Justice

Alpha Amadu Jalloh – The Fox: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 27 April 2024:

As Sierra Leoneans, today we commemorate another Independence Day, but one question looms heavy: why should we celebrate a nationhood that has failed to deliver on its promises?

For far too long, our people have endured the bitter fruits of a freedom that rings hollow, a unity shattered by greed, and a justice system that favors the powerful over the powerless.

When our founding fathers stood at Lancaster House in London, they envisioned a future where their children and grandchildren would bask in the glory of unity, freedom, and justice. Yet, what we have inherited is a legacy tainted by corruption, division, and violence.

As we mark yet another year of independence, we cannot help but mourn the loss of what could have been. Our streets, once filled with hope and promise, now echo with the cries of pain and despair.

Hunger, disease, and poverty ravage our land, while those in power line their pockets with the sweat and blood of the masses.

It is time for us, the people of Sierra Leone, to rise up and reclaim the dream that was stolen from us. We cannot continue to stand idly by as our country descends further into chaos and despair. We must demand accountability from those who have betrayed our trust and our future.

To President Julius Maada Bio and all those in power, we say: your time is up. We will no longer tolerate your greed, your arrogance, and your indifference to the plight of the people.

We demand an end to the extra-judicial killings that stain our streets with the blood of the innocent.

But our call for change does not end with the government alone. Both the APC and the SLPP must heed our cry for justice and unity. Their endless power struggles have only served to deepen the wounds of our nation.

The time has come for them to step aside and make way for a new era of leadership, they have proven that they cannot be trusted. Thus, we need a leadership that is truly committed to the principles of unity, freedom, and justice.

Today, the 27th day of April 2024, our nation is 63 years old. Let us come together as one nation, united in mourning for the Sierra Leone that could have been. Let us don the black of sorrow and take to the streets, not in celebration, but in a peaceful defiance.

Defiance against a system that has failed us, and defiance in the face of those who seek to divide us by letting them know no matter what, we are one people, we are Sierra Leoneans and Sierra Leone is the only place we can call home, we cannot sacrifice our Unity, Freedom and Justice once given to us by our forefathers to those who seek only their personal interest.

Sierra Leoneans, the time for change is now. Let us stand together and demand the future that we deserve. It is time to reclaim our independence, not as a day of celebration, but as a day of peaceful defiance.

Today, we say enough is enough, and demand a new dawn for our beloved Mama Salone. Imagine Athens in Darkness!



  1. I personally believe that based on the fact our independence was handed over to us on a silver platter, “betrayal” of our founding father, the then Chief Minister Milton Margai, who later became the first Prime Minister of Sierra Leone started. The “LUCIFER” of Sierra Leone, the late President Siaka Stevens used his Satanic power to divide Sir Milton Margi and his younger brother, Sir Albert Margai. He further stepped up his betrayal by opposing our independence because of the hatred he had for Prime Minister Milton Margai. Unfortunately, the All People Congress (APC) Party was formed, whose foundation was built on Lies, revenge and destruction of our institutions and opposition parties.
    During the first 30 years of our independence, the first 6 years was considered “Paradise on Earth” under the leadership of the Sierra Leone People Party (SLPP) Party. Unfortunately, when the All People’s Congress(APC) party took over power, Siaka Stevens and his Vice President, S. I Koroma , also known as “Agba Satani”, unleashed their destructive power by making our beloved country a one party dictatorship and destroying our institutions and infrastructures, including education (Athens Of West Africa), Railway, SLPMB (food basket) to name but a few. Under the APC party, Sierra Leone was known as “Lost Paradise” due to the war they created by jailing Corpral Foday Sankoh.
    Fast forward, the “Father of our Democracy” President “ Talk and Do” Bio is still facing the destructive revenge agenda from the APC due to the fact that he kicked them out of power after their 25 years (1992) and 11 years (2018) of misrule. The APC under the leadership of their lifetime chairman and leader, Earnest Bai Koroma, embarked on “making our country ungovernable”. He paid “Adebayor”, who resides in the diaspora to incite his supporters against our security forces and even our electricity infrastructure is under attack by the destruction of transformers and cables. The final straw for Earnest Koroma was when he was allegedly trying to overthrow our newly re- elected President, Maada Wonnie Bio, the Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces and Fountain Of Honor, on the eve of our country occupying a seat at the UN Security Council as a Non Permanent Member for the first time after 50 years. The alleged coupist and narcissist unfortunately used our judicial system that he had distrusted to petition against any election disputes, by lying about his health in order to escape justice and currently seeking asylum in Nigeria just to save his skin.
    Let’s continue to hope and pray for our country and our leader to stay focused on the Free Quality Education and Feed Salone program in order to restore our pride as the “Anthens Of West Africa”, and the “Food Basket” in our region.

  2. Friends, this nation will RISE AGAIN, even if it may not be immediate. I have witnessed numerous unsung heroes paving the way for this change. They include ordinary young individuals who, despite facing challenges, go above and beyond to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

    Among them area a young lawyer who has made significant sacrifices to reform the judiciary and uphold justice, journalists who resist the temptation to compromise their integrity for personal gain, and dedicated doctors who tirelessly work to save lives and speak out against the flaws in the system. There are also university students advocating for positive change.

    These unsung heroes give me hope that our nation will rise again through their actions.

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