NRM welcomes Ernest Bai Koroma-led executive’s compliance with high court orders

Osman Bikal Kamara NRM): Sierra Leone Telegraph: 27 July 2021:

We, in the National Reformation Movement (NRM) in the All People’s Congress, welcome the H.E Ernest Bai Koroma-led executive’s notice of compliance with the orders of the High Court of Sierra Leone.

What most attracted us in the press release Osman Foday Yansaneh issued on July 23, 2021 is his statement that “the party has decided to go ahead with preparation to convene an Emergency National Delegates Conference to approve the draft constitution of the APC without violating the orders of the High Court.” We consider this statement in particular, one of the most significant public statements the Ernest Bai Koroma-led leadership has made since the onset of the reformation crusade in our party’s internal politics.

The decision to obey the restraining of the party’s national officers from presenting themselves as delegates in the adoption of a new constitution, the settlement of the problem of membership, the election of delegates and the adoption of a democratic constitution is an honourable act, of which we are tremendously appreciative.

Across the globe, reformers are optimistic that the orders of the High Court, the APC executive has agreed to obey, would lead to the adoption of a democratic constitution – the adoption which underpins our resolute commitment to the ongoing struggle for democracy in our party’s internal politics.

With the adoption of a democratic constitution underpinning our struggle for reforms, we are collectively resolved to support the process of implementing the court orders.

As a first step, given that the court orders have described what must be done for the adoption of the constitution to happen, we urge the setting up of an inclusive body to steer the conduct of delegate elections for the twenty delegates from the Women’s Congress, twenty delegates from the National Youth League and five delegates from each constituency.

It is perhaps stating the obvious to say that these delegate elections are the foundation upon which the adoption of a democratic constitution is rested. And bearing in mind the deepening mistrust and contention in the party, it is important that we make more emphatic the independence and inclusiveness we expect of the committee that will execute the important task of conducting delegate elections.

It is also important for us to accentuate the urgency with which the full implementation of the court orders should be set in motion.

We are hopeful that H.E. Ernest Bai Koroma, as former president of Sierra Leone, would act with the dignity of the office he once occupied to support the implementation of the court orders. More than anything, the delaying tactics that stalled the adoption of a democratic constitution have impacted the party in a negative way. That being the case, it is our hope that the decision to comply with the court orders will now result in swift measures towards the implementation project.

As we look forward to the full implementation of the court orders, we offer our profound asante sana (a thousand thanks) to the many, many people who have supported our struggle for democratic reforms.

The NRM remains relentless in its provision of a platform within which progressive thoughts and reformation activism coalesce into a sustained advocacy for a democratic APC.

About the author

Mr. Osman Bikal Kamara is the Secretary General of the NRM.


  1. Looking at it from the totality of what the APC party needs to do to reconnect with the voting public , from what we have learnt so far, not everything is as rosy as the leadership of the party would like us, or led us to believe. Bio might be the less talkative president in the history of Sierra Leone, a mute if you like, but as the saying goes watch out: “The silent ones are more dangerous than the louder ones “. Or the ones that suffer from verbal diarrhoea. They are never a threat. Now if we are to judge him, by using that same yard stick,of being quiet, saying little in public, he’d certainly not disappointed our nation since he took office almost four years ago. The litany of problems , like the killing of unarmed youths both at Pademba road prison, and Makeni, wasting a whole year fighting two cases, against two prominent former APC ministers Dr. Bylden and Rt. Major Poalo Alfred Conteh, on false allegations, his fights with Mrs Lara, Taylor – Pearce the Auditor General of Sierra Leone, his constant sniping at the Mayor of Freetown Aki Sawyer, doesn’t strike me as a president that was elected on the promise on day one, he will hit the ground running to better the lives of Sierra Leoneans and fight corruption.

    Instead we are treated to a president on the job training. Thank goodness he is finally realising engaging in this type of dog fights, or tittle tattles, with his perceive enemies, is not good for the country whatever angle one looks at it . Or has he? You just have to judge him by his records, and the promises he made in his manifesto, and tick off the ones he had genuinely delivered to the people of Sierra Leone that have made a difference to their everyday lives. I don’t think there is a lot of families across the country that will be singing his praise from the rafters. More like they are suffering a collective hallucinations and his supporters, that placeed their trust in him asking the inevitable question, what on earth is going on? . Apart from everything eles, Sierra Leone needs a strong opposition party. We need to move away from the thinking been in opposition is a dirty word, that you can only argue your case, or make a difference in people’s lives if you are in government.

    In every democracy, the opposition to the sitting government, and their role is as important just like the President and Cabinet ministers. Sometimes my advice to the APC party, is not because Iam wedded in to their ideological thinking, or take part in any of their brain storming sessions on how to win back the presidency again, but purely on my beliefs that we need a strong opposition party in the country.For the record Iam not a member. Don’t mistake my arguments for a good samaritan extending a hand of help to the APC party that have dug themselves into a hole. Whether it is the APC party, or SLPP party, or the other smaller parties my advice to them is not a theoretical concept of how to run their political parties, god forbade their affairs, but a call for unity amongst all it leaders, and membership, because ultimately what happens with their arguments about how to run their parties, should be seen as a dress rehearsal of their plans on how to run the country if they are ever given the keys to State House.

  2. Folks let’s continue debating, many of our predictions will come to light sooner or later. I believe the APC flagbearer contest is going to be on individual choice. But trying to put a mirror in state house, the voters watching are not gonna have the energy to come out to vote. There is infight in the APC party right now because good leadership is not in place. That is horrible. If you can sit down and allow politicians to control your kitchen and table, this is what would happen to you without saying the truth folks!

    I don’t know how they lost the 2018 presidential election to Bio, if at all Ernest Bai Koroma was so powerful as some indicated? Open your eyes and deliver a remarkable truth to the whole world without hesitation. I do really admire a fantastic politician in the Republican party in USA, one of the GOP representatives – Liz Cheney Kinzinger, challenging the former President Trump, telling him that “I am defending my conservative values and the country’s constitution, not the party or Trump.” Hmmmm, can someone do that for God’s sake in the APC party? I doubt it. Big win for H.E. Bio. One thing I do like about him, he’s the most quiet and silent president we have ever had. I hope that the mighty God spare our lives to see 2023 polls, Inshaa Allah. Thank you.

  3. As the readers taking notes of all commentaries and writings in this noble forum, if someone is actually observing carefully, my prediction is, H.E. Bio will emerge to a victory come 2023 presidential poll. As long as EBK is receiving applause and praise, no one is God fearing to say the truth to him, let’s continue this way. But I believe that, APC can’t shake-up Bio.

  4. Indeed,the supporters of the failing NGC and SLPP are desperate for the NRM to do what has never been done before – dismantle the Legendary APC like a crumbling deck of cards. Not gonna happen. The NGC should pay close attention and carefully, diligently evaluate their own dysfunctional RAMSHACKLE house and refrain from meddling in the internal affairs of the APC. Perhaps,its time for them to entreat their leaders to grow some spine, even a frail, tiny, thin spine will do; Anything is better than nothing. (lol)

    Folks, on this glorious forum if you throw stones at the glass houses of the APC, be rest assured we are going to throw them right back at your rusted, battered corrugated PAN-BODIES for sure. (lol) Ssssshh! Quiet! If your Party resembles a Pan-body that sizzles like an egg in the hot sun – Go somewhere else and quietly chill out – leave the Legendary APC in peace.(lol)

    • Mr Stargazer – let me remind you once again and for the last and final time, that this forum was established to promote free speech and open debate on all matters Sierra Leone. Please do not try to stiffle free speech here. Your final warning. As for your other comments, I have taken the liberty of removing your offensive statements. You are really sailng very close to being banned for good my friend.

      • Mr Thomas – I am fuming with anger;Please tell me exactly how Stargazer is trying to stifle free speech…Show me some examples from his comments and what is offensive about them..I. will wait patiently for your response.

        • Chassidy – I note that you are using the same IP address as Stargazer, hence I can understand your sentiment. I would suggest that you speak with Stargazer, who am sure will answer the questions you are asking, as he is well aware of what I am talking about. Please note, there will be no further response from me on this issue. Thank you.

    • STARGAZER, perhaps it is time to take a breather. Reserve your energy (or ammunition) for the final rush to 2023 elections. It is encouraging to see the mighty APC manoeuvring towards credibility and acquiring a potent force to dismantle the rogue SLPP and their out of place President.

      The NRM – a cohort of no-hopers that are incapable of competing with men of the appropriate political calibre – are merely exploiting the present status quo. The APC is a large family and most of the comrades are not fools. Furthermore, the people at large are covertly crying for a return to normality. Take courage, my brother. It will be disastrous to lose your ingenuity at the nick of time.

      • Good to hear from you – My big brother Alimamy,”The Illustrious”Turay;I am always deeply elated to listen attentively to anything you have to say bro; Indeed,Great minds think alike – Your suggestion for me to take a breather from this forum is exactly what my beloved Chassidy has already advised me to do and the two of you exceptionally brilliant people cannot go wrong in your assessment of critical issues in a million years.

        Indeed, this is going to a very long break for me – there have been lucrative ventures beckoning to me for quite some time now demanding my undivided attention and it seems the time has come for me to respond in earnest – Sincerest thanks to you my brother from another mother – my promise to you still stands – whenever the sun shines again,in the coming years ahead we will all shine together.Word is bond.(lol)

      • Man, the APC needs the reforms NRM is pushing. Had Ernest not imposed the unknown and very uncharismatic Samura on the party, the paopa boy and girls could have been tapping wine in their beleaguered palm tree. Unless you’re averse to democratic principles, otherwise you should be hailing the lofty tasks of the NRM advocates. We can’t continue this Ekutay stuff this way. APC needs democracy from within. No one, I repeat no one should bear the authority to appoint flag bearers, or for that matter, any position that requires an election.

  5. Congratulations NRM. What you’re fighting for will not only benefit APC but the nation as a whole. Once all reforms are in place APC will come close to being like the African National Congress (ANC) in South Africa whose executive is so powerful that they can remove a sitting president. Former President, Thabo Mbeki, the man who succeeded Nelson Mandela knows all about it. The party does not like losers or potential losers of elections, that’s what the jailed Jacob Zuma forgot all about when he engaged in corruption while in office. His current jail term has nothing to do with the corruption charges he faces but for contempt of court when he failed to appear in court to answer corruption charges. The ANC did not challenge the judiciary , and when some of Zuma’s people came out to support him violently, Law Enforcement took over. Separation of powers. South Africa will succeed, I don’t know about Sierra Leone, where the lines of separation of powers are very blurred. We have a long way to go.

    The nation stands to benefit from the actions of NRM essentially because once all structures are in place successive leaders of the party will ensure that their actions are agreeable not only to the party but the country as whole for fear of being removed at the next party convention or sooner. Well done NRM. Stick to your guns and keep fighting. Victory is yours for the taking.

  6. Ernest Bai Koroma hasn’t still got a clue about how to live like an ex-president. How can he live without the most important political products of all – power?

    • I don’t give a damn if the former Commander in Chief of the Sierra Leone armed forces “hasn’t got a clue about how to live like an ex president”. All I know and care about is that my former president Dr Ernest Bai Koroma has enormous power, influence and capacity to help the indomitable and legendary APC win the next general elections if the APC choose the right leader. I will term what this great former president of all times is doing right now as; “klo klo Mya Nja vay”. God bless my former president Dr Ernest Bai Koroma and Mr Peter Dauda.

  7. The NRM are as delusional as young women that an extremely rich old man with seventy wives has promised he is going to marry and make as his Special Darlings; the only Apple of his Eyes. Hahahaha…Nothings changed at all; Look closely, carefully and perhaps if you guys are discerning enough you will be able to see the silk golden threads of pure APC ingenuity that’s runs flawlessly through the fabric of this whole upcoming political process. Nothings changed at all! The game is first played and won behind the scenes before it is reenacted in public for curious eyes to see.(lol)

    The NRM is in for a rude awakening – Disappointment and total humiliation awaits them like a man uninvited to a wedding, who boldly goes there expecting to dance, eat and drink to his hearts content not knowing only guests with proof of Invitation will be served by the Host; hungry he went and hungry he returned to his deplorable home; Hahahaha I just can’t wait to see the sad hungry look on their disloyal NRM. faces. Let the Mind games and the Crying games begin; Its time for the legendary APC to wine, dine and shine.(lol)

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