Open letter to Dr. Samura Kamara – APC presidential candidate 2018

Joseph F Kamara: 4 February 2018: Sierra Leone Telegraph:

Dear Dr. Samura Kamara

I have with keen interest read your article titled “Sierra Leone is at the cusp of irreversible development”, being circulated on social media by die-hard and overzealous members of the APC.

I would have saluted you for staying on whilst others left for greener pastures, if and only if, you have been a major player in helping us achieve our desired goals as a people and as a country.

We would have saluted your show of patriotism and nationalism for holding on to the beggarly salaries and poor conditions of service back home, if your stay in this country had in anyways impacted the lives of the people positively and had helped transform our economy.

We are very disappointed  that you have stayed on and participated in each and every government from the days of the NPRC to the SLPP, and now an active player in the APC.

But things have not changed under your watch for the good of the people and the country.

Your expertise, knowledge and experience have landed us into more debts, placed us on the bottom of all human development indices. We are the third Hungriest Country on the face of the earth, the worst country to live as a woman, child and youth.

Dr. Samura Kamara, you helped in formulating the Agenda for Prosperity that landed us in economic austerity. Your poor economic policies left our economy in a comatose state. It has also contributed immensely to the high unemployment rate in the country.

You have not been a proper team player. You have watched on as corruption toppled the Agenda for Change and the Agenda for Prosperity, with the country ranked as the Most Corrupt Country in the World.

Under your watch we saw the Leone fall at breakneck speeds, with our poor women and children dying of hunger and curable diseases, because they cannot afford the free medical care you offered them. Shame, shame, shame.

Dr. Samura Kamara, under your watch, we saw funds meant for the fight against Ebola, siphoned into private accounts for the benefit of those at the very top, whilst the poor and vulnerable died in pain as their families watched on.

Under your watch, we saw how funds meant for the mudslide victims were misused, and the people left to die in the open air. They were chased out of makeshift structures where they waited for a miracle that never came into their wretched lives.

We would have celebrated you for staying whilst others left for greener pastures, only if your presence among us would have been a blessing, rather than a curse.

We continue to be very poor and impoverished, child and maternal mortality are on the increase, the health and education sectors are crumbling, the agriculture sector is in coma, and the prosperity you preached has only brought us more hardship.

We know not whether you have ever taken an oath of allegiance and fidelity to another country.

We know your allegiance and fidelity are not to the country, but to the leaders of your party who have entrusted you with their mandate. You will always put them first over us.

Dr. Samura Kamara, let me conclude by stating that we have seen much of you and your deeds. We have seen the policies you have formulated and implemented. We have seen the best of you at work, from the days when you were sharp, full of strength to today when you have lost your stamina and agility.

You must agree with me that you are too old to be entrusted with our mandate. You have been recycled for too long to be entrusted with the Presidency. We have seen your very best. But your very best has done us no good.

Your best has landed us in austerity instead of prosperity. Your best has left our health sector broke and our educational system weak. Your best has left us struggling to eke out a living, whilst the few of you continue to enjoy the prosperity you preached.

Please allow us to elect people who will not continue with this trend. We are demanding you step aside, as we hire new servants to take us to the promised Land.

Your brother – Joseph F. Kamara.


  1. The 75% results has clearly manifested that Sierra Leone is going to a run-off. And run off will take place between the main opposition (SLPP) and the incumbent All Peoples Congress APC. The winning will be determined quickly if KKY and Sam-sunana throw their support behind either the SLPP or the APC.
    Written by Fasalie Conteh from Sambaia Bendugu

  2. Samura kamara in his opening interview told the whole world that he is not fit and nor does he have the competency to govern our beloved human resources. He has accepted that his government and himself have failed the nation. Then why he is still pursuing this goal to continue to reap and wreck this nation. We will do him our favor through the ballot box and kick them out of power on March 7.

  3. Thank you Mr Joseph for your well-researched and critically analysed article we have just read. To be frank with you Dr Samura is the man that is gifted in his explanations of his economic principles to lay-leaders like his current boss Ernest Bai Koroma, but has very little relevance and practical benefit for the average citizen in our motherland.

    Samura is an anaemic, lethargic and waterdown fella who knows he can make it if he goes out for green pastures overseas but by brainwashing the layleaders who will listen to his bogus economic principles. Dr John Karemu was a good finance minister compared to Dr Samura Kamara.

    He did not last long under Dr Ahmed Tejan Kabbah’s reign as Pa Kabbah was able to see his lapses and inefficiencies. He was instrumental and part of the NPRC 11 man team that bled the financial resources in their 3 months of leadership.

    The government in 1996 made the executive seat of power for Julius Maada Bio a do or die for (paopa) venture, so as to continue exploiting and embezzling the financial resources as he did in his past three month of leadership in 1996.

    Lastly Dr Samura Kamara is known as Mr 10% in the award of government contracts during the execution of his so-called Agenda of Change and Agenda of Prosperity, and he and his inner circle of the APC party are filthy rich and they have reduced the masses to vote-buying just for them to survive.

  4. Today people are celebrating the system that has brought our beloved country to a very deplorable condition and standard of living. Young people must have to open their minds and think beyond the radar because most of the precedence that the Koroma government is setting, will affect us in time to come, one way or the other.

    In this government we have seen a vice president, Supreme Court judge and a Bank Governor being sacked; yet people celebrate, forgetting that our constitution has become very fragile. Soon, those that we are celebrating will be gone and we and the generation yet unborn will be left in the dilemma. Young people must think and judge between the lines.

    And when you look at the supporters, most of those who are supporting the APC, are people who cannot live without the help of politicians. Most of those supporting the SLPP are doing it based on tribal lines and selfish interest. And most of those supporting NGC are mostly people who make a living on their own and do not believe in making a living out of politics.

    We all must not forget, Sierra Leone is only one place. Let’s think before we vote. Don’t vote because of colour, tribe or region, else we all continue to suffer for the next five years. Salone na one!!

  5. First of all, I want to applaud the writer’s effort for writing such an outstanding article, delineating the subject’s infractions with irrefutable evidence. Simply put, this article could not have been written better. If this political hack has any conscience, he would have self exiled from the country much less dream of occupying States House.

  6. I believe the call of governor Clarkson ‘s prayer is at hand. We the people must be wise and make the right choice of leaders now or never or else we shall be doomed into forever calamities. God bless Salone.

  7. Mr. Joseph F Kamara, I will first of all like to thank you for taking your precious time to analyze this manifesto. Reading Samura’s manifesto, I became obnoxious. Mr. Samura Kamara has the temerity to state that APC pull this nation from poverty to “resilience”. I don’t know how Mr. Samura defined the word “resilience”. But from my assessment, about 75% of Sierra Leoneas are still wallowing on abject poverty. Thus, I regard APC as nothing but a rogue party that have woefully failed the people of Sierra Leone.

  8. Ok Joseph kamara, just leave God to choose. You have no right to judge. Even our mighty God was condemned for his work, but because of his heart he still rules the world. I beg you to just leave the guy alone. Our mighty God choose. When he says yes nobody should say no.

    By the way, before you Mr kamara were on earth, corruption was lined up and will never stop. So please let us all be peaceful and love each other. Nothing will be taken with us when we die. Thanks and be cool.

    • Kamara mama, leave Joseph Kamara alone, he is saying the truth about Mathew Samura Kamara. They know themselves and are in the same wagon. My only advice is that the elections must not be disrupted by (Orkolon) of the red-Tafti. There will be a commission of enquiry immediately after elections regarding the missing millions of dollars for Ebola and Mudslide catastrophe.

    • Shame on you. Shame on you for such a response. A big shame on you. JFK did not judge Samura Kamara, he simply outlined his unpatriotic character.

      Samura Kamara is not good for Sierra Leone and will never be. He is one of the biggest contributors to the present terrible state of our people of Sierra Leone. It really hurts to read such posts from Sierra Leoneans. God Almighty will intervene.

    • This is a blatant example of narrow mindedness people with absolute mental block and selfish characteristics. Joseph Kamara has put forward a very sincere and objective analysis of Dr Samura Kamara’s past contributions to our nation.. if anyone fails to see the reality in this message then I wonder from which world they hailed.

      Sierra Leone First. Thanks

  9. This author sounds like a diehard and overzealous KKY supporter. This article is not different from the usual biased, unbalanced, unfair and un analytical KKY articles. Very soon the people will have to decide between self-seeking pretenders and those who genuinely have their interest at heart like Dr. Samura Kamara.

  10. Thats a well written indictment of Dr Samura Kamara, and the APC party. It is a convincing open statement to members of the jury as to why Dr Samura Kamara is not the right person at this time to take our country to the promised land . Bravo brother. !!

    • This letter, I believe would not have been written to address Dr. Samura Kamara in such a manner as to directly hold him responsible for the poor condition of our people because of his corrupt practices, after Maada Bio won the election, especially following the transition team report on Corruption in Sierra Leone under the leadership of Ernest Koroma et al.

      Today, each and every member of the Ernest Koroma lead APC regime is crying foul for being accused of their reckless abandonment of our Sweet Salone due to their egregious corrupt practices for the past ten years. Yet, Joseph F Kamara had just hit the nail on the head when he, perhaps unintentionally accused Dr. Samura Kamara of grave corrupt practices in his letter prior to the election. Why cry now, when the facts speak for themselves!

      APC, yes you guys are damn right, this is “Witch hunt” because only a witch or wizard could do the things you guys did to our beloved country. As witches and wizards, you must be hunted and brought to book for your actions! Maada Bio is setting the stage for a clean and corrupt-free society for the betterment of all Sierra Leoneans. Thanks for reading!

  11. Thanks Mr. Kamara for more than correctly outlining the shortcomings of the presidential candidate of the APC Party, Dr. Samura Kamara.

    As you’ve stated and for me the most devastating and frightening portion of your letter; that Dr. Samura Kamara’s allegiance and fidelity are not to our country, but to the leaders of his party that entrusted and helped him to power. All his public statements till now point exactly in this direction.

    He never talks about building and strengthening our failed Institutions for a new start in our development but always in a parrot version, over emphasising how he is going to continue the failed work of President Koroma – Agenda for Change, Agenda for Prosperity and Agenda for Human Development. As an economist with all these years of international and national experiences, he is SUPPOSED to know and offer better!!

    • …but again, I thought of this – JFK was heading anti-corruption division. What role did he play in minimizing corruption?

      What did he do? As Attorney general, what did he do to stop corruption? Were these corrupt politicians or civil servants ever held accountable? Who looked into the EBOLA funds misuse, Hajj scandal and mudslide scandal?

  12. I think samura Kamara is not the right man for Sierra Leone. The economic system is down. People go to bed hungry – earning below $1 for a family of 4 to survive for the day.

  13. Readers must note that this letter was not written by, nor did it come from the Attorney General of Sierra Leone – Mr. Joseph Franklyn Kamara (Joseph F. kamara). Similarity in name is purely coincidental.

  14. Thanks very much brother. I have never believed the APC since Stevens days. I will never believe them as they always do the opposite of what they promised.

  15. Joe you have eloquently analyzed the failure of this good for nothing recycled politicians, Who doesn’t have the country at heart. We can do best only if the people of our beloved country Sierra Leone can realize that this is not the kind of person we want as president. Its really sad. Sierra Leoneans please wake up.

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