Open letter to president Bio – constituency 128 in chaos

John Sesay: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 9 September 2021:

The members of the SLPP in Constituency 128 in Freetown, are faced again with another embarrassment as we prepare to get into elections. This is no more business as usual Mr. President.

As the Leader of our great SLPP, we are requesting for justice. As you are aware, PPRC and the Party structure organized lower-level elections and results were published.

Unfortunately, at the 11th hour the results have changed with cooked up zonal executive lists . The lists entail people who lost the elections woefully in the presence of their community people. The people are determined to resist the broad day naked thieving by Prince Harding and his hoodlums in the Constituency.

His Excellency sir, if we do not go by the results of the elections conducted and certified by PPRC, the 11th of September Constituency executive election would be chaotic, and we are prepared to die for our rights.

And President Bio if justice is not done, your ballot box will suffer heavily in the 2023 elections. Be rest assured that people are conscious in Constituency 128. We have the right to elect the people we want to run our zones. The Party secretariat is a disgrace. SLPP is not known for dishonesty.

Action must be taken now to remedy the situation. This kind of fake arrangement will have adverse effect on the democratic process in the country.

We are paid up members of the SLPP, and we have the right to seek justice by any means. Whoever is manipulating the wishes of the people will get a heavy toll at the end of the day.

We are calling on human rights organizations, governance bodies to please pay attention to what is about to happen in Constituency 128.

How can a gang of undemocratic crooks over run the will of the people. It is unacceptable. Let the will of the people prevail. No elections with fake and cooked up zonal executive lists.

We are ready for this stand-off. Cheaters are very shameless. But they have finally ran out of luck. Either give us justice in Constituency 128, or you get all your arsenal to send us to jail for our rights.


John Sesay, Wash Car, Hill Cut Road, Freetown.

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  1. Had Sierra Leonean been given this opportunity to publish their opinions, whether factual or not, by our APC party for forty years of administrations, Sierra Leone should not have lost all the glories of a strong economy. Today, we are at the bottom of the economic ladder and even when we are called to action to change course, many still believes in what was pushed down our throats by the APC party, who has shown great competence in destroying any facet of our economy and our way of life.
    In the first place, I truly believe that Mr. John Sesay is not a member of SLPP and so I will completely put aside his remarks. Without intimidation by thugs (mainly of APC) and in the absence of APC 99 tactics of winning an election, the people will vote to elect their leaders. Let us endeavor to frame our election campaign message around government policies that both parties have worked on to the benefit nation rather than using tribal sentiments.

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