Our Diamond Independence Anniversary

Oluwole Martins: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 27 April 2021:

We have endured, a nation turned sixty. Hooray!

For diamonds are our lot; some say our mirror and curse.

In riverbeds, where miners go to ply their shovels and sieves,

Diamonds might be found, robed in ragged leaves

Or richly caked with mud. But, finders losers,

Can soon change hands for charcoal money.

Diamonds help divide us, but we still shared our colours

Through the triumphs and trials this land has known.

For the white and green lights come shining

Through the deepest darkest night.

Renew hope from our roots, do let’s!

Let’s weave three strands from Sir Strieby:

– to serve, be given equal chances;

– to eat, make our small change count;

– to drink, put safe water on tap.


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  1. Earth the majestic, generous and altruistic in nature; its been six long tumultuous odious decades of endless struggling by our fragile infantile nation; Earth the Majestic, altruistic, the bright light of the Eternal moon and the immortal Sun are no longer shining over my beloved Sierra Leone. The gentle loving winds have refused to whisper or utter words of hope into ears as sobering as the years of a young man spent behind bars. Earth Majestic will no prayers, cries and tears of sorrow appease the throne of Heaven and cause it to show her mercy on the suffering people of Sierra Leone after 60 arduous years of barrenness? Show us your divine mercy O lord, unshackle us from the chains of misery and grief that have held us as prisoners to poverty, humiliation and suffering.

    Has Omnipotent Heaven forgotten that it is a giant magnet and we are pieces and scraps of metal? Run scraps of iron, run with great speed towards the magnetic Throne of Grace and seize your blessings with all your might. We can no longer afford to wait for men who are an infernal nuisance to peace and prosperity to transform the darkness in Sierra Leone my only home into the glorious light.

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