Posturing and optics will not alleviate the hardships of our people – Op ed

Basita Michael: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 03 April 2024:

In the midst of crises such as the kushpandemic, constant power cuts, the escalating cost of living, the significant sanitation and environmental challenges in the city of Freetown, the grim ranking at 151 out of 157 countries on the Human Capital Index (HCI), and the forecasts that a child born in Sierra Leone today may only achieve 35% of their potential productivity due to insufficient education and health access, our officials seem more preoccupied with projecting an image of success than with actual governance.

Rather than tackling the root causes of these issues, they prioritize appearances – smiling for the cameras, accepting accolades, and delivering grand speeches that do little to alleviate the hardships faced by our people.

This obsession with political posturing and superficial optics, whether from government representatives or opposition figures, is not only futile but also deceptive.

While it might temporarily obscure the realities, it fails to provide any substantial solutions.

It serves only to divert attention from the rampant lawlessness, ineffective anti-corruption efforts, embezzlement of public funds, and tragic loss of lives that plague our nation.

Public officials be it from the government side or the opposition need to start prioritising the well-being of our people over their personal glorification.

After all, the progress of a country cannot be measured by the number of awards its politicians accumulate at home and abroad or the eloquence of their speeches.

True progress lies in tangible improvements in the lives of its citizens – in the quality of service delivery and the affordability of basic necessities.

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  1. The truth of the matter is that the leaders of a country are representative of the people of the country in culture, traditions, mores, and values. I rest my case.

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