President Bio must work quickly on unifying the people of Sierra Leone – says Yumkella

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 06 May 2020:

Dr Kandeh Yumkella – the parliamentary leader of the National Grand Coalition party and a member of parliament of the Kambia district, was on television in Freetown yesterday speaking about the rapidly deteriorating disorder in the country, amid rising political tension, and police arrest and detention without charge of opposition politicians perceived as dissidents by the ruling SLPP party.

Yumkella’s appearance comes as many in Sierra Leone are expressing disappointment at president Bio’s deafening silence and indifference, following the Pademba Road prison disturbance which saw the shooting of dozens of unarmed prisoners by presidential guards,  leaving eleven dead and several seriously injured.

The rioting in Lunsar in the north of the country and the increasing rate of transmission of the coronavirus,  especially in the capital Freetown, have raised eyebrows, with many now calling for president Bio to come out and show strong leadership by addressing the people of Sierra Leone.

Speaking on AYV TV, Dr. Yumkella is calling on president Bio to reach out to the opposition political parties to find new partnership framework that will bring all parties together to work towards national cohesion, promote peaceful co-existence, unify the nation, as well as focus on combatting the coronavirus.

Various reports yesterday, suggested that president Bio was going to address the people of Sierra Leone after ending his fourteen days quarantine and to review the success of the three days lockdown which ended last Sunday. President Bio was also expected to come out and clearly map out where the country is heading, as political tension mounts. But there was no broadcast from the president.

The president’s continuing silence and indifference, in the face of a rapidly deteriorating security and breakdown in law and order is a serious cause for concern.

This is what Dr Yumkella said:



  1. The president is at the right track to combat the current situation if the country. The infighting is between those political prostitutes.

  2. I’m not denying that what Dr Kandeh said is wrong but to my own dismay the opposition are using this to make the country ungovernable. Come to think of it H.E did what he thought was best by calling Bintumani 3 for peace to reign but instead the opposition denied that. We’re all opposition but I think HE is on the right track, he knows what he’s doing.

    All this fighting and lawlessness at this critical state of this country is influenced by way of undermining the capability of the govt. We all know that things are difficult presently. With this pandemic it has worsened, but that can’t stop the govt from putting restrictions for combating this pandemic as it’s not a one man fight but rather inclusive.

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