Rising violence in Sierra Leone – claims the life of yet another rising star


Sierra Leone Telegraph: 13 November 2012

Report from the family of one of Sierra Leone’s bright and hard working pharmacists – Mr. Adeyemi Johnson (photo) – says that he has been murdered. His life was taken away from him early yesterday morning  – 12 November – when armed criminals broke into the house, tied his hands and feet, glued his mouth shut, and had him blindfolded, before setting the house alight.

This brutal murder has raised questions about the motives and the identities of the perpetrators. Police are investigating the crime, while the remains of Mr. Johnson are kept at the government mortuary awaiting a pathologist’s report.

The gruesome attack took place at Old Railway Line, Wilberforce, Freetown, an urban western area neighbourhood, now densely populated, sparking questions as to how such a crime could have happened with such ferocious violence.

After attacking Mr. Johnson and setting the house alight, the criminals took his car keys and went a few blocks away to where the car was parked and made a getaway.       

It was only a few months ago that the Sierra Leone Telegraph reported the death of his older brother – Mr. Freddie Johnson – who died in March of this year, when he was sadly struck down by a short illness.
Mr. Adeyemi Johnson was 58 years old. He is survived by his wife Joyce, son – Leon and daughter – Dionne; brothers – Ralph, Victor (PB), George and sister Violet, who is the wife of Freetown socialite and musician – Bunny Mack.

Adeyemi lives behind several other siblings – Percy, Clara, Paulina, Francis, Harry, Leslie, Mary, Bernard and Ivan.

Police are yet to give an official statement as to progress they are making in identifying and apprehending the criminals.

It is estimated that every year scores of innocent lives are lost in Freetown alone, as a result of armed attacks on people’s homes. But there is suspicion also, that the incident may be property related.

Although the police in Freetown recently launched an aggressive assault on armed gangs in the city, residents say that there has been no let up as armed robbery and other property related violence exacerbate.

The killing of Mr. Adeyemi Johnson is a sad and chilling reminder of the increasing armed violence in the country.       


  1. LORD our God, you are always faithful and quick to show mercy. Adeyemi was violently taken from us. Come swiftly to his aid, have mercy on him, and comfort his family and friends by the power and protection of the cross. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen!

  2. This is really scary stuff. Such criminal acts have been going on unchecked for far too long!

    What are the police and government doing about it? The safety of its citizens should be a priority or are we literally going to live by the name of the capital – Free town – anything goes?

    My thoughts and prayers go to the Johnson family and friends.

    The sad thing is, what about all the other deaths that go unpublicized? God bless Sierra Leone indeed.

  3. I am amazed that there are still people in Sierra Leone capable of such horrific acts..
    I always wondered what happened to all those child soldiers – most of whom were not rehabilitated after the war.

    They wielded such power and terror during the war. However, after the war, they lost that power and now as adults, would struggle to fit in and survive in normal society.

    I suspect that they are now the mercenaries and killing machines that are terrorizing the innocent and hard working citizens of Sierra Leone.

    This has to stop and President Koroma has shown that he cannot and will not be able to stop these acts of violence.

    This is why on the eve of the elections in Sierra Leone, I fully endorse Retired Brigadier Julius Maada Bio as the next President of Sierra Leone, as I feel he will rule with an iron fist and will adopt a zero tolerance policy towards violence and armed robbery.

  4. I am saddened by the shameful acts of cruel brutality that is pervading our beloved nation [Sierra Leone]. Despite this, one is still proud of being a Sierra Leonean, but there is a great fear on the part of those of us living outside of the country to even step beyond Lungi Airport.

    I was in Freetown in April with my daughter and family members on a family reunion, and a similar act of brutality took place around Goderich [my home town], which created a state of panic on my part.

    I was in such state of fear, that I was not able to say a word to my then 9 years old daughter, who was so excited about the trip and even could not say a word to her mum who was in the UK with the rest of my family.

    This is a disgrace and there is no reason why people should be so cruel.

    This type of brutalised incidents are creating fear in the minds of diaspora’s like myself and also limiting foreign investment in our country.

    Government needs to act swiftly and must institute instant action on those who seek to sabotage the image of our beloved nation. After 18 years out of the country, I was shocked to see that people have to use guard bars on doors and windows as a result of criminality.

    I am not sure if the situation is to do with poverty or as a result of the liberalisation of our nation to so-called regional member states’ nationals, whom we know about.

    Let’s be alert about this and defy this brutal act so as to make it possible for us Sierra Leoneans to be proud of our nation.

    On the part of the government, let us stop being too nice and dancing to the tune of imperialists, who will tell us that death penalty should be eradicated.

    Our nation is being ravaged by thugs and some form of heavy penalty should be instituted, which will teach murderers and hooligans lessons and instil fear in them, for perpetrating such cruelty and acts of fear in the minds of residents in our beloved nation [SIERRA LEONE].

    My sympathy goes to the entire JOHNSON family. Keep trusting in our almighty GOD and those who have engaged themselves in such acts of wickedness will be brought to justice one day.

  5. May the soul of the dearly departed rest in peace.

    It scares me – a born native to even venture to go home for the holidays. It’s a shame that it has come to such. Let us pray that those behind such an act, will face the fullest extent of the Law.

    It is a shame that this is happening in our country, after that gruesome ten years civil War.

    Peace and love is what Sierra Leoneans need right now.

  6. I’m still in a state of shock! How can we move on, with all this brutality? This is too much…. rest in peace Uncle Ade.

  7. I was in Salone for 3 years. Peace was one thing I enjoyed. Hearing stories like this – it is disappointing. In Nigeria I have told all my people that I will like to spend life after retirement in Salone. All the PASTORS and IMAMS should go into prayers.

  8. Gruesome! This is sad to note and leaves one with a teary eye… Rest in peace Pharm. A. J. P Johnson. Condolences to the family.

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