Seventh anniversary of the declaration of end of Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone

Mayor Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr OBE: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 9 November 2022:

Two days ago, we marked the Seventh Anniversary of the Declaration of the End of the Ebola Outbreak in Sierra Leone. We lost 3956 of our brothers and sisters, in some instances whole families and villages were wiped out.

Today there are thousands of Ebola survivors who are still struggling with the long-term effects of the virus and who continue to need the support of government to assist them with access to medical care.

Ebola hit Sierra Leone hard, but it also brought us together and helped us see that there are heroes and heroines living next door to us. People who mobilized their communities, mobilized resources, put themselves in danger in order to save others.

As we remember those we lost and those who still suffer, I am also encouraged by what we learnt – that change can come when we work together to execute clear plans and when we community at the heart of decision making.

I am grateful that I had the opportunity to serve my nation at that critical time. I arrived in Freetown onboard an empty plane on 13/11/2014 at the height of the outbreak, having already spent months in the UK raising international awareness and mobilizing health professionals to support the response.

I was committed to a three-month assignment to work in Sierra Leone with DFID through UKMed. My project management and strategic planning skills and experience resulted in me being asked to serve in NERC as the Director of Planning, working with many others to develop and implement strategies (including the “Western Area Surge Plan” in December 2014 and “Getting to Zero” in March 2015) to end the outbreak.

We give thanks to God for taking Sierra Leone through that very difficult time and we hold faith that together we can stand to overcome other challenges to our lives and a better future. May the souls of the departed Rest In Peace.


  1. The EBOLA Virus was MAN-MADE in Fort Detrick within Frederick in Maryland, USA. The developmental scientists included Jonathan S. Towner, Stuart T. Nichol, James a> Cmer, Thomas G. Kalazek, and Pierre E. Rollin – the US Patent No. is CA2741523A1. What have Sierra Leone Governments done about this? Seton During, London, UK.

  2. I Think It Is Necessary To Find Out Whether A WICKED SCIENTIST Is STEALING THE OXYGEN From Our EARTH’S ATMOSPHERE … SUFFOCATING Even The LITTLE CHILDREN? … Before He Kills Many More People With Breathing Issues.

  3. Ebola was a horrible disease that killed so many people in the Mano River Union countries .May their soul rest in peace .Just like the RUF wars , our country was ill-prepared when the deadly virus hit .The only thing that was certain there was no certainty about what comes next .The one thing we learned there was no preparedness about how to tackle the disease .Once the goverment became aware of the origin of the Ebola virus , they were too slow to close our borders and restrict the movement of people .Whether out of fear of upsetting the then Guinean government or as always our governments never reacts to national problems facing our country until is too late. The Ebola virus is still around as witnessed in the DRC earlier this year and today in Uganda .So all the precaution measures that are in place in case the Ebola virus returns should be kept in place .

  4. Page 17 of my book titled “Combating Wastefulness & Covid-19” available on AMAZON etc. exposes the names of US Scientists who evolve The EBOLA Virus as Jonathan S. Towner, Thomas G. Kalazek, Stuart T. Nicholls, James A. Comer, and Pierre E. Rollin – the US Patent No. is CA2741523A1. My next book will expose the primary cause and source with location of COVID-19 (-originally 2019-nCoV during development)! Seton During, London.

  5. ” There are no miracles in Nature, but there are happenings to which science possesses no key”. May the soul of the departed rest in peace. Amen !

  6. I THINK If we get to KNOW Our MAKER and put Our MAKER GOD-ALMIGHTY THE GOD OF ABRAHAM FIRST In whatever we do, and ALWAYS Be GRATEFUL TO OUR MAKER, then it will always be well with us.

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