Sierra Leone at 60 – a new online newspaper – ‘Fritong Post’ is born

Lawrence Williams: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 27 April 2021:

We are happy to inform our readership and Facebook followers that we have successfully developed and launched a website for one of Sierra Leone’s most widely read newspaper – the Fritong Post Newspaper this morning.

As Sierra Leone today celebrates 60 years of independence, we are happy to launch the latest on-line newspaper in Sierra Leone, building on years of experience of publishing the widely read Fritong Post Newspaper here in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Simply google ‘Fritongpost’ or click on this link to visit our website.

We encourage feedback from our readers.

We’re presently uploading all major stories reported since March 28, 2019.

We’re open for business/advertisement. Please Call +23279711198 for information.

Our profound thanks and appreciation to Mr Abdul Rashid Thomas, publisher of the Sierra Leone Telegraph.

We also wish to thank the publisher of Salone Jamboree for his support throughout the process.

We wish the people of Sierra Leone a happy 60th Independence anniversary.

About the author

Lawrence Williams is the publisher of Fritong Post. (Photo below).



  1. Congratulations on establishing the latest news outlet that is devoted on issues affecting our country. The Fritong post will be a successful news outlet.Just like the Sierra Leone Telegraph under the leadership of Mr Abdul Rashid Thomas, we need more news outlets in Sierra Leone that are independently minded, and is not beholden to governments , or any political party in Sierra Leone. We don’t need government mouth piece news outlets that tells us how our country is doing great, but the facts on the ground tells a different story. For far too long some news organisations, have either been complicit or being cheer leaders of governments that have failed us.

    They have failed us in all sort of ways. For instance, not enough coverage is given to smaller political parties, so the Sierra Leonean voting public can hear their alternative arguments if they are given fair a hearing. Instead, some news organisations have ditched all pretence of being independent minded, and becomes party political propaganda news outlets.Fritong Post, will face all sorts of hardship,from the prophets of doom and gloom, but if you stay focused and remain independent, you will reach a large readership in our country. Thats the difference between your mentor and the editor of the Sierra Leone Telegraph, and some of the not so independent news outlets we have in our country.

    The Sierra-leone Telegraph have proved to be independent, transparent, balanced in its coverage, and above all else allowed people to make their contribution, without being subjected to insults and party political supporters thinking only they are entitled to make comments to events affecting our country.

  2. Mr Williams – Congratulations on your quest to ensure that our poor people are provided with reliable,objective and informative news. This launching of the latest online newspaper in our Sierra Leone,”The Fritong Post.”is laudable, refreshing news. At this critical moment in our country’s history in order to unshackle the firm grips of misery and poverty from our necks,we will need all hands on deck to ensure that our traumatized disoriented poor struggling nation
    is not wickedly led astray by SLPP vagabonds sailing swiftly in the winds of corruption and tribalism towards total obliteration.

    My advice to you and your staff members is to stay true, by striving to always remain neutral,ethical, and disciplined in your endeavors. Credibility and integrity in your line of business are like the air we breathe; the media cannot continue to thrive and survive without them. Again,I have a hunch that calmly reassures me that with thoughtful men like Hon Abdul Rashid Thomas by your side, you can easily turn to for advice in time of need then for sure the sky will be only the beginning of brighter and greater things to come. Good Luck to you Sir.

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