Sierra Leone Attorney General Charles Margai takes justice to the people

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 30 May 2018:

Sierra Leone’s Attorney General and Minister of Justice – Charles Francis Margai is aiming to bring justice sector service delivery to the people of Sierra Leone in an open and transparent manner, and the Ministry of Justice has for the first time in the history of Sierra Leone legal affairs, established a Public Relations Unit in the Law Officers Department.

The new office will acquaint members of the public about the activities of the Attorney General and Minister of justice.

Charles Margai is the principal legal adviser to the Government, in accordance with the provisions of Section 64(1) of the Constitution of Sierra Leone, Act No 6 of 1991, and the Law Officers Department, which is the professional wing of the Ministry of Justice.

The Unit is said to be committed to the principles of transparency and accountability in justice sector service delivery and to that extent, is willing to provide information about the activities of the Justice Ministry, except for information, disclosure of which, would be contrary to law, compromise national security or prejudice ongoing criminal investigations.

The Unit welcomes enquiries from media practitioners and says it is committed to receiving information from members of the public, that is of relevance to the activities of the Department and the wider justice system.

All information it vows, would be treated in the strictest of confidence, with the non-identification of informants assured.

The activities of the department can be accessed on Facebook, twitter, and on specific email addresses. The Unit can be reached by contacting Adrian Fisher, Public Relations Officer – 076560108; or Brian Nelson Williams, Assistant Public Relations Officer – 076800346.

Facebook page -@lawofficesierraleone; Twitter – lawofficersdeptsl, @lawofficersdep1

Email for receiving information from members of the public –
Email for enquiries about the activities of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice and the Law Officers Department can be sent to –

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  1. Your news coverage is good, as relevant information is given to the reading public. Keep it up!

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