Sierra Leone opposition NGC party speaks about rising political tension in the country

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 03 May 2020:

Dr. Dennis Bright, Chairman and Leader of the National Grand Coalition (NGC) party has today issued a statement about the increasing political instability and rising tension in Sierra Leone, following the shooting dead of several prisoners in Freetown by presidential guards, as well as the arrest and detention of opposition politician – Dr Blyden.

This is what he said:

“The National Grand Coalition (NGC) is very concerned about recent events in the country, particularly the violent incident that occurred on 29th April, 2020 at the Pademba Road maximum security Correctional Centre and the accusations and counter-accusations that have been levelled at each other by the All People’s Congress (APC) and the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP). (Photo: NGC Chairman – Dr Dennis Bright).

This event and the accusations that are being made are escalating tensions in the country.

Furthermore, people claiming to be defending the interests of these two parties are currently using the social media to fan the flames of hate and even sound the drums of another civil war.

No true Sierra Leonean would want to see the men, women and children of this country go through the pains, horrors and brutality of a civil war, AGAIN!

As political parties, whether in Government or Opposition, we all have a sacred duty to ensure that our people live in peace and not in a permanent state of fear and insecurity. And certainly, no political party should be proud to drag their people back into bloodshed and death.

This is why the NGC is appealing to the leadership of the APC and the SLPP to immediately pull back from their current confrontational postures in order to de-escalate the rising tensions in the country.

However, the NGC is also calling for a FULL and IMPARTIAL investigation into the incident at the Pademba Road Correctional Centre which resulted in such a significant loss of life.

Currently, the social media is awash with theories, claims, threats, testimonies and so-called eye witness reports that have plunged the entire nation into total confusion as to what really happened, why, who did what and what next.

The bereaved parents, relatives and the nation as a whole deserve to know the truth so that justice will be done. Our heartfelt condolences go to the bereaved and may the souls of those who died rest in peace.

At this time, what is most important in our country is unity of purpose in our fight against the real common enemy: the Coronavirus or COVID-19. This disease has the potential to kill our people, destroy our economy and turn our beautiful Sierra Leone into a wasteland. We should not make this happen.

Our primary focus at this time should be to work together to contain the spread of the virus, protect individuals and communities and save the nation. In this regard the NGC is doing its bit.

We all must agree that our people have suffered long enough. So now is the right time for political parties to show that they care for the people by joining hands to save them from the coronavirus, not tear the nation apart with interparty conflicts.

The NGC is willing and ready to help in any way it can and will endeavor to engage the leadership of both the APC and the SLPP in the search for a new path of cooperation in the interest of the nation.”


  1. Ladies and gentlemen and all Forumites, let’s read this article and get an understanding of what was promised for the declaration of the State of Emergency on Coronavirus grounds.

    I truly believe now, that all those politicians, officials and ministers who were putting their bet on the notion, that the State of Emergency will not be a pretext for violence against peaceful citizens and the opposition, will now be very disappointed. Would they have thought a different way and do things differently? Anyway, our opposition may make mistakes down the road, but they will correct it as they continue to combat lawlessness in government. They just deserve praise, because they are the only ones that can coalesce to get our country out of this great mess and get things done. Will they believe the Bio lead SLPP in the future? God bless our great men and women in the opposition.

  2. Amazing. 100 plus comments per day? This glorious platform is now exceptionally important. Kudos to the Editor and all Forumites. What the hell is going on ladies and gentlemen. Don’t they know, that the people of Sierra Leone needs a 2023 APC Coalition to move Sierra Leone forward and leave tyranny behind us once and for all? Some are right to consider the NGC, the PMDC and of course the C4C to rule Sierra Leone in the most ideal democratic way. But, it is difficult for now, because these parties are very young in our politics. Let’s be realistic and honest with ourselves ladies and gentlemen. However, that will change with time.

    The only way to get rid of tyranny in our present politics, is to coalesce with the indomitable APC in the 2023 general elections. PERIOD. There is no other way out. Everyone now knows how scared the Bio lead SLPP is for 2023. Only one man in the APC, have made the Bio lead SLPP go berserk. That is why, the APC must make the right decision this time around and elect someone as leader, who will beat the Bio lead SLPP leader like a drum – “lek bata” in 2023. God bless Chief Sam Sumana and the APC leadership. May the light of the almighty shine on the most popular and powerful ex President Ernest Bai Koroma.

    • Mr Matturi – can we please have less of the party political campaigning and discuss the key issues facing the people of Sierra Leone right now, including covid, civil liberty and the economy. Thank you.

  3. The statement put out by Dr Bright on behalf of NGC reinforces the need for the people of Sierra Leone to mount a sustained revolution through the ballot to give APC and SLPP a back seat in politics. These two parties have been a monumental disaster almost since the dawn of independence fifty nine years ago.

    Whenever NGC puts out a statement of this nature, one smells not only class about it but a thorough understanding of where the nation stands as well. Dr Bright is effectively warming the nation that unless APC and SLPP take a step back from their confrontational stance our nation is doomed.

    If both parties are actually manned by people, this is the time for them to show us unambiguously that they understand what patriotism means . A true patriot would not keep pushing his/her country closer and closer to the brink of of a civil war. And Allah/God knows and we should know what a civil war means.

    I keep appealing to all Sierra Leoneans to give NGC a chance at the presidency to give SLPP and APC time to take care of the cancer of mutual hatred which
    they have developed for each other. We cannot afford to wait for them to go through the necessary therapy – it may be too late.

  4. What evidence that NGC has/have to prove their allegations? You see, in Sierra Leone people just talk because of their personal grudge for a particular person. Can you ask yourself whether it is lawful for a prisoner to attempt to escape prison and what’s the implications? You people are disgracing our country to the entire world. Your brains are all fading. Speak up like right-minded Sierra Leoneans and not follow the name “opposition”. An attempted jail break? Is Denis Bright and all you who support his statement serious?

    Why don’t you come out from your hypocrisy and tell it to the APC that they are acting rebellious and let them give peace a chance? Even the lad that has been given birth to today knows the APC are behind all these, especially their Chairman Ernest Koroma. How many of you have really met him to tell him to stop supporting violence and to stop raising terror on the people who voted him 11 years ago?

  5. Oh my God, Mr. koroma I was asking for an independent commission with all the means for a deep investigation. You get it?

  6. Ok a statement, but it remains relatively general and didn’t provide concrete proposals, like to appoint an independent commission for the investigations.

    • “Ok a statement, but it remains relatively general and didn’t provide concrete proposals, like to appoint an independent commission for the investigations.” reinhard wiecha


      All the press releases coming from independent bodies like Amnesty International, United Nations, NGC, etc., are going to remain general. APC’s bad reputation and ugly image both in and out of Sierra Leone would make it very difficult for it to draw sympathy from anybody.

      APC is a violent organization that would not give any other political party a space to rule in Sierra Leone. If the NGC or C4C were in power, APC would be mounting the same lawlessness that it is mounting today.

    • There is only one language people like Joe Koroma – if that is his real name – understood, and that is the blackmailing of the APC; or in short, PROPAGANDA! Even when serious issues are discussed, like the loss 11 lives, these guys have not got the mental flexibility to think otherwise but a fear and hatred of the word APC … and then subconsciously APC is superimposed by the word PROPAGANDA, in order to gain respite and some sense of equilibrium.

      Anybody with substance and a straight thinking faculty will tell you that the APC has been in the defensive for the past 2-years since the 2018 elections were flipped against them. It could have been a political stalemate, anarchy and confusion; but interestingly, the APC decided to let bygones be bygones, in an attempt to keep the peace they had nurtured in the past decade, or so. On the other hand, the new thugs in town, or the ‘new direction’ paopa SLPP, has been on the offensive on countless occasions; creating rampage and mayhem to all sections of the society, including the APC and other parties.

      It should be noted that Sierra Leone politics is not a dynasty whereby the APC and SLPP have the reserved right to rule alternatively for a period of 10-years. It is a hard-fought democracy. And, at the moment there are four parties (APC, SLPP, C4C, and NGC) contesting for the hot seat. After the mandated 5-year term of rule, through a free and fair elections (hopefully), any of these parties should have the right to occupy the hot seat. The best or most popular party should have the mandate to rule. It is only through this political vision – away from a monopoly or duopoly of power – that the country will acquire the requisite inertia for development.

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