Sierra Leone receives million dollar luxurious VIP limousines from Chinese government

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 30 December 2019:

In August this year, the new Chinese ambassador to Sierra Leone – Hu Zhangliang, met president Bio at State House in Freetown, where he informed president Bio about a range of support that the Chinese government has approved for the country.

The ambassador said that the Chinese government will help develop the country’s international Lungi Airport, after president Bio took the bold decision to cancel a $400 million loan agreement signed by former president Koroma with China to build a new international airport.

In particular, China says they will modernise the airport’s VIP lounge, which recently was the subject of much fracas between the opposition APC and the government, after former president Koroma was denied access to the lounge. (Photo: President Bio meets new Chinese ambassador to Sierra Leone at State House in August 2019).

“In terms of improving the capability of receiving state guests, my government is considering to help your government set up a VIP convoy with bikes, cars and support cars. And I believe that all of these will be delivered by February 2020. We are also looking at the rehabilitation of the VIP Lounge at the Lungi International Airport,” he said.

Last week, the Chinese government made good on its promise, well ahead of the schedule delivery deadline date of February 2020.

According to Sierra Leone’s State House report, the government of president Bio last Monday 23 December 2019, received a large consignment of VIP logistic support, from the Chinese embassy in Freetown.

Receiving and inspecting the consignment from ambassador – Hu Zhangliang at the Ministry of Foreign Affair and International Cooperation (MFAIC) in Tower Hill, Freetown, president Bio expressed delight and gratitude.

This massive Christmas present from the Chinese government which according to Sierra Leone’s minister of foreign affairs cost over $1 million, comprises a fleet of 31 luxurious vehicles.

The Chinese ambassador said the vehicles should help the Sierra Leone government “give foreign VIP visitors to the country a diplomatic and dignified welcome”.

The fleet includes 5 VVIP vehicles, 5 protocol vehicles, 5 official vehicles, 3 large coaches, 1 Ambulance, 2 supporting cars and 10 VIP police escort motor bikes.

You can watch the president receiving the vehicles here:


  1. Psssst! A bird in hand is worth hundreds in the bush.(lol) Its outright silliness, ineptitude and cantankerous bad sense of judgement for this morbidly obese, unthinking, pot belly President to cancel, legitimate mining contracts and lawlessly disobey an international arbitrary court order; instead of sensibly engaging friendly and dependable investors in constructive negotiations and meaningful dialogue.

    Is that what your poorly educated, tribalistic, clueless palm wine educators tirelessly taught you that proudly went to BO school?(lol) Here we have a President who lacks pragmatism, discretion and refined discernment, that is a violent bully, that is oblivious of the fact that priorities must and should always be in their rightful places in order for government to succeed. And some delusional, out of touch, caterpillar that does not know his knees from his elbows is here on this authentic forum blowing pretentious trumpets of shame and blame? Wake the hell up man and see the light. Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  2. If I may ask please, why don’t Sierra Leone leaders choose to beg for their own planes, ships and tractors with harvesters. We need such loans or gifts from IMF and foreign investors. Whereas Marampa mines will produce iron ore from dust to a usable metals. To be honest the Chinese gifts are just for personal purposes which the Chinese government will benefit in the near future.

  3. My end of year – 2019 advice to people on this platform is quite simple – If you find yourself Dilly dallying around,struggling to put your thoughts sensibly on paper, and can’t cope, or cannot interact critically and judiciously in meaningful discussions here, then HIT the road JACK, this glorious Forum isn’t the place for you. In 2020, levels are going to change; we welcome Eagles and Dragons from all over the globe with the abilities to fly, attack and hunt with precision at breathtaking speeds.

    Caterpillars, vultures, hyenas and mischievous Gremlins, BEWARE! You have already been warned.(lol) Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  4. Late President Ahmed Tejan Kabba of Blessed memories who spent about 30 years of his life working for The United Nations clearly stated – “SALONE MAN GET BAD HEART“. This is what is clearly demonstrated in this forum “BAD HEART AND JEALOUSY.”
    President Bio will go down in history as the first President to cancel a $400 million contract and unprofitable bogus mining contracts based on his principles and values of putting the interests and people of Sierra Leone first. So no short sighted people should second guess his integrity.

    Receiving gifts from friends and allies should always be APPRECIATED with a BIG THANK YOU from every patriotic Sierra Leonean. How difficult can that be? Please repeat after me with a BIG HAPPY SMILE – THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

  5. Indeed. From the FRYING PAN to the FIRE. See GENTLEMAN S J Koroma in trouble again. What does he really mean by saying and I quote “Sierra Leone should create her own – Sierra Leone Monetary Fund – to develop other countries”. I don’t really know what he is talking about. Is he OK? I hope so. Maybe just another DAY DREAM. Most likely, he is conveying his message through some EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL MEDIUM to the INHABITANTS of CLOUD CUCKOO LAND.

    Please explain your statement to me GENTLEMAN S J Koroma. I hope you respond before the NEW YEAR. GOD help GENTLEMAN S J Koroma join forces with me to help “GET SALONE SORTED” so that he will be RELIEVED AND HAPPY forever in the “LAND that we LOVE our Sierra Leone”. GENTLEMAN S J Koroma somewhere there CONFUSED about a so called “Sierra Leone Monetary Fund”. GOD BLESS GENTLEMAN S J Koroma.

    • Why not, if IMF and others have not succeeded to develop any country, SL should take ober.

  6. Indeed, if you don’t believe in something you will fall for anything. Its almost the Year 2020 and we still have leaders proudly and shamelessly begging for handouts. (lol). Who would have guessed that luxury vehicles would someday become a top priority to a legitimate government, shackled and securely chained in economic depravation…that is hopelessly drowning in perplexing whirlpools of financial challenges and obstacles? A million dollars worth of vehicles huh? What a chance gone, lost forever! What a wasted opportunity to do greater things, thrown away!

    Folks, there are fishermen in desperate need of new boats and outboard engines; carpenters struggling with old and ineffective tools that need modernised replacements; farmers in search of high yielding seeds that can grow anywhere, that are resistant to bacteria and pests. And this clueless, incompetent SLPP government has the audacity to celebrate and cheer a donation of vehicles from the Chinese, our nation doesn’t need at all? Sierra Leone, my only home – a nation bewildered, corrupted and confused – hopeless beggars is what we have become…Rising Sun Will Rise Again

  7. Let me first of all remind GENTLEMAN S J Koroma that you are the only BEGGAR that has no choice. Not the people of Sierra Leone or me. By saying “Beggars have no choice” is a DEFEAT and HUMILIATION for your very self. No wonder how FRUSTRATED and AGGRESSIVE you tend to be. ARE YOU OK? I hope so. You have first of all no CLUE of what is going on and secondly, it seems to me that you are working as a SHADOW in DISGUISE. ARGUE.

    You should be ashamed of yourself making such RECKLESS, NONSENSE, ABSURD, SILLY and MISGUIDED statements. You should have done yourself good by just BLINDFOLDING your NARROW MINDED and BORING ideas for the PIGS in the PIGSTY. I would advice you in your own interest to put all your POLITICAL FRUSTRATIONS and DISTRESS aside and join me in the fight to “GET SALONE SORTED”. I know you are very FRUSTRATED by what is going badly wrong POLITICALLY in the country which is of course provoked by your PARTY. I don’t blame you for that. You would be relieved if you join me “GET SALONE SORTED”. That is the only way out. So calm down. Help is on its way.

    You even went further by bringing Mr. Idriss Elba’s story that has nothing to do with this article or argument. Oh my goodness. What a FRUSTRATION. Again. Are you OK GENTLEMAN S J Koroma. I hope so. GENTLEMAN S J Koroma somewhere there on PLANET EARTH, FRUSTRATED about his party’s POLITICS and saying Bullshit for the BIRDS to HEAR. GOD BLESS YOU GENTLEMAN S J Koroma and happy new year in advance.

    • I am not narrow minded my dear. I only try to point out facts in contradiction to your onesidedness. I am not interested in politics and also not a Sierra Leonean. I was born in SL though. Would it not have been a bit civilized or matured to simply keep cool or appreciate the efforts made to change the narrative in S.L. Why should it only be you (your Affiliation) or Wishes?

      There was no personal attack on you, but just read your piece again then you’ll realise how frustrated YOU ARE. I cannot use the words you did towards me, because I will keep my level. I am not paid as you are, to answer to some of the comments you make on this Platform. Thank you.

  8. Something is fundamentally wrong with African leadership. What do you expect when it comes to contract negotiations? You will simply have to soften your stance when they come for your minerals or squeezing unhealthy loans through. Its like a girl accepting all your gifts you are buying her and in the end she will have no choice but to say yes to your sexual advances. Party loyalty is slowly destroying our country to the point that no wrong doing by our leaders is questioned.

    That was how they sang praised EBK and he subsequently went on to sign extortive contracts. Even diasporans have lost their intellect because of party loyalty and have become the loudest praise singers. How do you think Europe and America was developed? No one came with gifts to let them take their eyes off the ball. Do you think China will give all that for nothing? Mr Fallay’s comment is one example of praise singing without seriously questioning the motive behind the gifts.

    Everyone including Bio and the entire government know that the IMF, World Bank and all these other countries have no intention of helping us apart from controlling the affairs of the state. During the campaign, all of the candidates were frowning at IMF and the rest; but after elections, its business as usual. Name one country that became developed through IMF et al projects. So disappointing

    • Sierra Leone shold create her own – Sierra Leone Monetary Fund – to develop other countries.

    • Indeed Mr. Turay. What is even more surprising to me is the fact that these men/women had the audacity to concoct a version of their trademark propaganda videos about this, as if it is some type of national achievement that we ought to be jumping on about in elation. I’m not sure whether the mediocre soundtrack of the video is more laughable, or the public relations specialist, who thought this was the way to usher a people who are ravaging in poverty into the new year.

      I could be reaching here Mr. Turay, but the logic here from our government’s perspective might’ve been that they merely wanted to dazzle the poor people of Sierra Leone with the pronouncement of the donated Chinese trinkets, in the same way that they were dazzled by China’s diplomatic gesture. They figured being dazzled in isolation, there is no fun in that, so what the heck…

  9. What a BOMBASTIC end of YEAR GESTURE by the CHINESE to make VIPs entering our country COMFORTABLE. Nevertheless, it is their money and they are free to do whatever they want. I would have prefered the CHINESE helping us with something different. For example, a SHIP LOAD OF RICE to ease with the PRICE of RICE at the end of this year. That did not happen. No problem.
    Helping the government make VIPs entering the country COMFORTABLE is one of the PRIORITIES of this government. Can you imagine? They asked the CHINESE for it and the CHINESE responded. SAD in terms of PRIORITY. Personally, this is not a priority to me.
    However, I say thanks to the CHINESE for this BOMBASTIC END OF YEAR GESTURE.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance to the CHINESE and may GOD BLESS CHINA.

    • Thanks to the Chinese Government for boasting our country’s moral and status. No one would think this “is the PRIORITIES of the SL Govt.” It is rather impolite when People make such remarks of ingratitude; we should not forget that most of the things we say are heard all over the world. Idriss Elba will call it Bullshit.

      “Beggars have no choice” – it would have been bad if this Govt. was to have asked for “Customized Bikes”. “a SHIP LOAD OF RICE” -then you will ask “way di Plassas Money”. Salone man nor get tenki.

      Everyone would agree that SL needs to uplift the Condition of the Airport etc, in order to avoid embarrassment to Tourists and State Guests. Please read what Mr. Fallay wrote. HAPPY NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE TO EVERYONE !

  10. Congratulations to the New Direction government and thanks to the Chinese Government for boasting our country’s moral and status. I personally believe that they are still trying to replenish the vehicles that were stolen, looted and even destroyed by removing parts of government vehicles during the transitional process after the APC government was humiliated in the 2018 presidential election and, President Bio even borrowed some officials vehicles from Guinean President Alpha Condeh during his inaugural ceremony.
    I hope and pray that after the recovery of our economy, President Bio will be rewarded with a presidential plane so that the parliament will no longer be concerned about his traveling expenses around the world. Hopefully most government and private investors arriving in Sierra Leone will be welcomed and treated with dignity and first class reception, which will continue to motivate more investment in our country. “FIRST IMPRESSION GOES A LONG WAY.”

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