SLPP wins Falaba parliamentary re-run by-election

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 15 September 2019:

Sierra Leone’s ruling SLPP party has won yesterday’s by-election in Falaba constituency 040, in the Koinadugu district, northern province of the country, according to provisional results released by the National Electoral Commission (NEC).. SLPP got 56.7% with 4,122 votes, and APC 40.3% with a total of 2,927.

Commenting on the results, opposition APC party grandee – Dr Sylvia Olayinka Blyden, said: “It is true that under Tejan Kabbah, most of Koinadugu/Falaba (up to 75%) was SLPP until 2007 when APC turned the tables and Koinadugu became 75% APC, leaving SLPP with only two parliamentary seats, down from the six they had previously held between 2002 and 2007.

“In 2012, APC regained the entire Koinadugu and clinched all the seats. All MPs and all Local Councillors elected by Falaba/Koinadugu, went to the APC.

“Falaba is most definitely not an APC stronghold. It is a purely swing District under the Second Republic. And even under Siaka Stevens’ First Republic, that area was always battle ground prior to the institution of a One Party State. It is wrong to assume the whole of the north of Sierra Leone is a homogenously APC territory. Just like Freetown, Falaba is a swing District.”

If those results are finally confirmed by NEC, the ruling SLPP will now have 59 seats in parliament.

In March 2018 SLPP won 49 seats and APC 68. Struggling to form a majority government in parliament, SLPP had to rely on the support of smaller parties such as the NGC with their 4 seats and C4C’s 8 MPs, to get its programmes through parliament, though sometimes with some difficulty.

But after taking over nine more seats a few months ago following a court petition hearing, seats which were previously won by the opposition APC, SLPP have built their parliamentary majority to 58. And with today’s victory in Falaba, SLPP will have 59 seats in parliament.

There is another by-election taking place next weekend in Bafodia constituency 043 in the Koinadugu district, which will be hotly contested. But with the SLPP’s current winning streak, it is unlikely they will lose.

But there are calls within the APC rank and file, for a change in direction and leadership of the party so as strengthen its capability and capacity to win elections.

The National Electoral Commission is yet to announce a date for the cancelled by-election in Constituency 110 of Freetown, where there was considerable violence in at least one of the polling centres.

These are the Falaba results announced today by NEC:


  1. There are people who are experts at cramming and spewing out figures and percentages,that are totally unrealistic,and of no use to anyone whatsoever. Anyone can scroll on to Google and Wikipedia,and find whatever they are looking for – that’s the easy part – But to think critically and creatively for yourself, now that’s called,true intelligence.

    So called educated SLPP scammers and book crammers, pathetically displaying their ignorance – absorbing large amounts of information to be regorged and puked out on a clean, sanitized and decent platform like this one (lmao), Who’s going to clean up the filthy mess you’ve left behind? (lol). No wonder they are such a big failure. Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

    • Thank you very much Mr. Saidu Conteh for your comment which made me laugh a lot. Google is not always right although it’s very easy to find information concerning almost everything. But, the worse is WIKIPEDIA. Also, it is advisable to do REFERENCING each time we mention or get information from any website or other people’s work. That will be the best practice. Thanks Mr. Saidu Conteh and may GOD BLESS YOU.

  2. Hahaha. Is he asking me to confirm diamond smuggling in Sierra Leone? What about gold smuggling, iron-ore smuggling or rutile smuggling? And before I forget, what about all the smuggling that goes on at the Queen Elizabeth II Quay daily? Are they all less important relative to diamond smuggling?

    It is important to note that Sierra Leone is top five producer of rutile in the world. And rutile is produced in Moyamba district. But never once have I heard a Moyamba indigene arrogantly requesting an exit. Also, diamond production has never been a Kono monopoly. There are sprawling diamond mines in the Kenema and Bo districts. In fact, the Sewa river in Bo district that runs through the lucrative Gondama trading center is well known for its diamond deposits. Should Kenema and Bo also request an exit?

    Lastly, iron-ore production in Sierra Leone commenced in the 1920s. That is years before diamond production started in the 1930s. The Salone elementary school civics books that I read in grade school talked about the rich Marampa, Peppel and other mines. And studies have indicated that Tonkolili and Port-Loko districts currently have enormous iron-ore and titanium deposits. Should Tonkolili and Port-Loko also request an exit?

    Lastly, Oh how I wish that the oil exploration going on right now in the Freetown peninsula, the Bonthe and Pujehun districts yield fruitful dividends. That will be the true game changer which would relegate diamonds to the back burner of economic discourse.

    • First of all, Mr. Bilal Coleman failed to answer my question because he knows he is dead wrong. He also knows that, when I am engaged in any argument/discussion, I fulfil them with lethal PRECISION and ACCURACY. so, I am done with that. Now, he is even more wrong by talking about smuggling IRON ORE and RUTILE out of the country.

      Can Mr. Bilal Coleman just name any country or company in the world that buys SMUGGLED IRON ORE or RUTILE? Can he tell me how this is done or might be done? Can he explain to me how IRON ORE and RUTILE are SMUGGLED out of SIERRA LEONE? Does he know how IRON ORE and RUTILE are processed to get the end products?

      Frankly speaking, if Mr. Bilal Coleman had any idea of these minerals, he would not be including them on the SMUGGLING LIST.
      Please reply to my questions this time Mr. Bilal Coleman. Mr. Bilal Coleman there refusing to answer to my question and at the same time PAINTING us about SMUGGLING of IRON ORE and RUTILE out of Sierra Leone. GOD BLESS YOU Mr. Bilal Coleman.

  3. WOW! Finally the APC party has accepted an election result. No violence, Intimidation, Blame game by accusing NEC, police or international community. This is unprecedented in our country since the 2018 election, WOW! – just total surrender of their so-called stronghold. In Krio we say “FOL WHITE E WHITE“. Congrats to the Inspector General of Police, The Chief Justice of the Judiciary and The Commissioner of NEC for setting an example in constituency 110 that intimidation and violence in politics is a thing of past. Finally I will like to congratulate The SLPP and the newly elected Member of Parliament Honorable Alpha Foday Jabbie for his overwhelming victory.

  4. I have always been in favor of a decentralized political system in Sierra Leone. If anything, decentralization gives individual citizens more power over legislative and other governance matters. But the arrogant and misleading notion that Kono district is the center of gravity of Sierra Leone’s economic life must not be allowed to stand on a forum of educated folks. Every district and area in Sierra Leone are important to the economic life of that country. In fact, diamonds have ceased to be the leading export earner for Sierra Leone for quite some time.

    For example, according to OEC. World, in 2017, Sierra Leone’s export earnings from iron ore totaled $209M, and titanium $141M. Diamond exports for the same period amounted to only $104M. Iron ore and Titanium are mined in Tonkolili and Port Loko districts. Should these two districts exit?

    • Mr. Bilal Coleman is afraid of mentioning the amount of DIAMONDS SMUGGLED per year out of the country. If he was fully aware of this fact, he would not be talking about spoon fed figures on this PLATFORM. Let me just remind Mr. Bilal Coleman that, the world bank estimates on DIAMONDS SMUGGLED out of the country yearly is between 50 and 90 percent of the total production. That’s a lot of money. Does Mr. Bilal Coleman agree with the World Bank’s estimates or not?

      If yes, I would ask Mr. Bilal Coleman to do the calculations himself and give us the total results of DIAMOND PRODUCTION using the minimum (50 percent). I am glad he thinks DEVOLUTION gives people more power to manage their own affairs which is a good thing, but he does not want to admit that KONO has been the ECONOMIC POWER AREA for AGES. Instead, he is twisting by talking about notion. When did the IRON ORE mines come into existence after its COLLAPSE for AGES? In fact, it has always been on and off with lots of problems since it resumed operations. ARGUE.

      Mr. Bilal Coleman there talking about OEC figures but failing to tell us about the World Bank’s ESTIMATES on DIAMONDS SMUGGLED out of Sierra Leone.

  5. Any doofus will be able to easily tell you that Diamonds,and Iron ore have been the life blood of our nation,since it was brought forth from the bowels of Independence,crawled in its infancy,walked,until now. Since Colonial times, Kono by herself has shouldered the financial burdens,and responsibilities of our beloved Nation,like a laborer,tirelessly carrying heavy loads for scraps,and leftovers – that is an irrefutable fact!

    My findings in the past,until now have been indicating consistently,a huge,substantial difference in revenues being generated in Kono than in other districts. Currently,using a yearly assessment, Iron Ore tops the list,followed by Diamonds from coming directly from Kono. Again,for those who would like to know,Devolution is too complexed a process to successfully implement,manage,and sustain in a corrupt,poverty stricken,and tribalistic country like Sierra Leone. To put simply,it is totally impractical.

    We must find other sensible,and effective ways to ensure fair treatment of Kono in the allocation of export mineral earnings,and revenues that originated from that district. We need to first,and foremost,put strong,credible financial,and governmental institutions in their rightful places;this is of the highest priority – and then perhaps,just perhaps Devolution might work…..Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  6. In Sierra Leone, diamonds are mined mainly in Kono, Kenema and Bo districts. Bauxite and rutile are mined in Moyamba district. Iron ore is mined in Port-Loko and Tonkolili districts. Kailahun district provides coffee and cocoa while Freetown has one of Africa’s largest ports, the Queen Elizabeth II quay which generates millions of dollars a month for the Government of Sierra Leone.

    What all of this means is that Sierra Leone does not rely on one district or one geographical area for government revenue. All districts and all areas are contributing to the national purse. Thus, no one district or no one geographical area can lay claims to national development at the expense of the others.

    • If Freetown has one of Africa’s largest ports and contributing MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to the NATIONAL PURSE per year, then Freetown should be thinking of FREEXIT after KONEXIT. PERIOD. I reckon, we must have a notional debate on DEVOLUTION and how we share our NATURAL RESOURCES. The beginning of this debate has been TRIGGERED right here in my view. NA HIM DAT OH. GOD BLESS OUR NATURAL RESOURCES AND DEVOLUTION.

  7. “The Southeast by any estimation is safe territory for the SLPP. Whereas president Bio garnered 85% of the Southeastern votes in 2018, winning 90 to 95% of the votes in that region in 2023 is not far-fetched.”-Bilal Coleman This is a Dream Talk.

    Bio did not win Kono District during the first round. C4C did not context the second rounds. Kono is in the East and it is the 2nd most populated district in that province. Despite the numerous positions Bio has given to Kono’s (All Ambassadors in Western Europe are from Kono district), Two senior Minister positions (Prof Aiah GKpakima -Minister of Senior Education and Ambassador Tamba Lamina-Minister of Local government), Dr. Robert Tamba Chakanda Deputy Minister of Economic planning), the SLPP did not win the recent bye election in Kono. Imagine handling similar position to the Kissy’s or Kurankor’s, they would forever vote 90 or more percent for the SLPP.

    Currently the Kissy’s in Kailahun are disillusioned with Bio. Dr. Tengheh, Bio’s appointed Minister of Water Resources is not popular. Alie Kabba who although a Mandingo, was considered by the Kissy’s in Koindu as their child. He has been marginalized by Bio. The Mendelands despite the bad name they are receiving are not benefiting much from the Bio government. Like Tejan Kabba, Bio thinks by taking resources to the north, he would make inroads. That is a big gamble that let Solomon Berewa down and Bio should be mindful of that.

    There is nothing wrong to take resources to certain region but the little resources should be equitably distributed. Do not take you base for granted. It needs just a Charles Margai type to educate the people that the party is not for them. Boom, you would see voter apathy. And due to the almost equal demographic distribution in the country, you do not want a situation where people in your base develop voter apathy. SLPP BE WARNED.

    • Kemoh Brima, I really do not understand the thrust of your argument. May be its time for me to go to bed. But you are reminded that Kono is only one district of seven in the area now loosely referred to as the Southeast and that Bio won Kono in the runoff by about 75%. Just in case I fall into a deep slumber, please wake me up on the day in history that SLPP will lose the Southeast.

    • What the people of KONO got with the so called POLITICAL APPOINTMENTS is CHICKEN CHANGE compared to the MILLIONS OF DOLLARS the government is earning per year from that district. People should not be comparing the PROGRESS and DEVELOPMENT of the KONO DISTRICT with the number of POLITICAL APPOINTMENTS. That is ABSURD and RIDICULOUS. Just DISGUSTING.

      The district from TIME IMMEMORIAL has not been treated fairly when it comes to sharing the proceeds of our NATURAL RESOURCES. That’s why we want to push for DEVOLUTION. So when people start CHICKENTALK, we start thinking of KONEXIT. PERIOD. A word for a wise is quite sufficient. GOD BLESS SIERRA LEONE AND GOD BLESS KONO DISTRICT.

  8. There are many frustrated people in the SLPP who dream the strangest,whacked out dreams,because of stress,anxiety and a feeling of hopelessness,that surrounds them daily.(lol) For example,I was told just a minute ago,that a man dressed in green, had just seen an unusual,ridiculous dream, showing people leaving the APC in droves.( lmao)Who has ever seen a flock of sheep leaving greener,serene pastures,for dry,arid,and barren desert lands?(lol) The APC is untouchable!

    It is a horse that gallops out of sight, as fast a lightning – a Ferrari Testarosa, that leaves you crawling behind like a snail in the dust.Your win in Falaba was just a fluke,a surprising,and lucky occurrence..The APC is reorganising itself – whatever is lost in the process,can be found again,guaranteed!..Rising Sun Will Rise Again

  9. To consider Falaba, which used to be part of Koinadugu a swing district is bad news for APC given that the entire Northern province has historically been an APC stronghold. If I am not mistaken this is the third bye-election that the APC has lost in the North in the last few months. The party has lost in Kambia, PortLoko, and now in Falaba.

    The key to winning the presidency in Sierra Leone is to maximize the votes in your stronghold while making incursions into the stronghold of the opponent. The Southeast by any estimation is safe territory for the SLPP. Whereas president Bio garnered 85% of the Southeastern votes in 2018, winning 90 to 95% of the votes in that region in 2023 is not far-fetched. The president has become more popular in the country and even more so in his region of origin since becoming president.

    Thus, the president should not have to sweat it out to win the Western Area as the North now appears to be in play. In 2018, he won 40% of the Western Area votes and about 25% of the Northern votes. But with the way the SLPP is penetrating the North, if the party becomes competitive in that region in 2023, APC will be in big trouble. Folks are fleeing the APC in droves these days.

    No good citizen wants to be a member of a party that has been defined as criminal, lawless and violent. Moreover, the APC has no message for the people of Sierra Leone. Dwelling on empty propaganda and lies while inflaming tribalism through tired rhetoric can become a turn off to voters.

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