Supporting the provision of waste to energy in a Freetown informal settlement

Mayor Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr OBE: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 14 April 2022:

I am excited to start my day today, introducing Freetown City Council’s partner – Freetown Waste Transformers CEO Ami Dumbuya to the UNOPS Country Manager and her team, at the waste to energy bio digester pilot project in Aberdeen.

This is a typical example of how #TransformFreetown joins the dots to build synergies and enhance service delivery.

Together with the Council’s Chief Administrator – Festus Kallay, we have been working with UNOPS on a project to support an informal settlement community in Freetown.

Introducing the possibility of locating a waste to energy bio digester within that community as part of that project, will significantly address WASH and sanitation challenges and create jobs whilst providing electricity and compost fertilizer for sale.

We need to do a bit more work as a combined team before confirming that we can incorporate the waste to energy bio digester into that project. But I am hopeful that this will happen, with significant improvements being made to the lives of the community residents.

Our work with and support of the Freetown Waste Transformers is ongoing, as 4 to 5 other waste to energy bio digesters are already scheduled to be installed in Freetown later this year.



  1. Please, don’t feel offended Mr Abraham Amadu Jalloh for my comment on this article. I placed it (comment) on the wrong article – it was meant for the next article about fake PhDs.

  2. It is unfortunate to see people who just write anything to suit their agenda – even at the detriment of the development of the nation. And by extension, even if it makes them look stupid, it doesn’t matter. What a sad situation.

  3. The proof of the pudding is in the eating .Mayor Akin Sawyer have nothing to proof to Sierra Leonans because her actions speaks louder than the voice of Bio and his army of vindictive supporters that can’t see beyond their noses .Here is a Mayor of a city of a combined population of just over a million people, operating on a shoe string hung out to dry budget, with no international financial institutions backing from the world Bank , IMF, and ADB European Union, because that power to negotiate with such international bodies rest with the central government, yet she has managed to do more to deliver for the people of Freetown than the central government promised Sierra Leoneans in their last election manifesto in 2018.To understand the psych of Sierra Leoneans, is like diving into the deep ocean and trying to work out how the coral reef works and managed to survive despite all the human activities and pollutants that try to destroy it.In the case of Sierra leone our corrupt and heartless politicians that have no interest in developing our country .

    And the question then becomes why do we continue to elect this same politicians in position of power that we know are either incapable or unwilling to commit themselves wholeheartedly, like Mayor Akin Swayer is doing for her Freetown residents.We know there are army of capable Sierra Leoneans just waiting to be given that chance to serve their country without any preconditions. Apart from our internationally recognised Mayor with her star dust power , Dr Byleden , Dr Yumkellah , Dr Bright , and Many others that have demonstrated through their workings with international organisations, they are more than capable of saying what they will do and doing what they say for our country.

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