The only man left standing fit to be President of Sierra Leone is Dr. Dennis Bright, is he interested? Op ed

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 18 April 2024:

In the murky waters of Sierra Leonean politics, where integrity seems to be a rare commodity and self-interest reigns supreme, one man stands out as a beacon of hope for the nation’s future: Dr. Dennis Bright.

Amidst the sea of opportunistic politicians vying for the presidency, Dr. Bright emerges as the singular figure with a proven track record of selfless service and dedication to the welfare of the Sierra Leonean people.

Dr. Bright’s journey is one deeply intertwined with the fabric of Sierra Leonean society. Unlike many aspiring leaders who have spent their lives detached from the realities of everyday citizens, Dr. Bright has walked the streets of Sierra Leone, from the bustling ghettos to the forgotten villages, understanding the pulse of the nation intimately.

His tenure as the head of ICORDS, a French institution focused on empowering youth, bears witness to his commitment to uplifting the most marginalized segments of society.

As a former Minister of Youth and Sports, and later Minister of Youth under the esteemed leadership of the late Father of the Nation, Alhaji Dr. Ahmed Tejan Kabba, Dr. Bright left an indelible mark on the nation’s youth landscape.

The historic National Youth Consultative Conference, orchestrated under his leadership, laid the foundation for the establishment of the National Youth Commission, a testament to his visionary leadership and dedication to youth empowerment.

Dr. Bright’s departure from the SLPP, a party he once belonged to, speaks volumes about his unwavering principles. He refused to compromise his values in the face of a party drifting away from its core ideals. His subsequent involvement in the formation of the NGC further underscores his commitment to a politics driven by genuine concern for the people, rather than personal gain, which he sadly left due to his nonalignment of the giving up mentality of the NGC leadership.

Throughout his life, Dr. Bright has been a steadfast advocate for change, challenging the status quo and championing the cause of the downtrodden. His resilience in the face of adversity, his refusal to succumb to the temptations of power, and his unwavering dedication to the welfare of Sierra Leoneans make him the epitome of the leader the nation desperately needs.

If given the opportunity to lead Sierra Leone, Dr. Dennis Bright would not only be the firstborn in Freetown but also a symbol of hope for a brighter future.

His roots in the grassroots movements of the 1977 “no school, no college” protests reflect his longstanding commitment to social justice and equality against the APC of then President Siaka Stevens.

In a political landscape marred by corruption and self-interest, Dr. Dennis Bright stands out as the only man left standing fit to be President. His integrity, proven track record, and genuine concern for the welfare of the Sierra Leonean people make him the beacon of hope the nation so desperately needs.

It’s time for Sierra Leoneans to rally behind a leader who embodies the true spirit of service and sacrifice – it’s time for Dr. Dennis Bright.


  1. It’s not true that Dr. Denis Bright will make any good in leadership role at all, because he Denis was involved in supporting a morally bankrupt, deficit, hungry, bootlicker, and a betrayal of trust man called Dr. Kandeh.

    Dr. Denis Bright support of megalomaniac kandeh, clearly shows that he is devoid of foresight, therefore disqualifies him from holding Sierra Leone’s high position of trust.

    At this moment Sierra Leone as a country don’t need people like Denis, Bio, Abass Bundu, kandeh to name but just a few, because these are just some of the few names that destroyed the country.

    Why another Bio syndrome in Sierra Leone? It would then better to have a coconut farmer at helm of power instead of Dr. Denis Bright.

    Denis at the sit of power, means delusional kandeh at the sit of power, oooh noo, that would be unacceptable. That would also mean, Sierra Leone as a country moving from the frying pan to the fire. No Sierra Leone as a country and citizens deserve better.

    Sierra Leone as a country does not need hungry and bankrupt politicians at all.

    • You are obviously uninformed regarding the Dennis Bright, NGC Yumkella issue.
      The Treacherous Trio (Yumkella,Suma & Sheriff) were successfully Bribed, intimidated and Seduced into hijacking NGC and Gifting it to Bio and PAOPA on the Promise of Power… We all know how all that turned out..

      It would not have escaped your notice that one of the key NGC Leaders who refused to take part in this Political Treachery was Dr Dennis Bright and who, on principle, Resigned as Chairman & Leader of NGC -Integrity Personified.

      You can see why we are astonished at your suggestion that a Dennis Bright Administration would include Yumkella et al whose Integrity and Patriotism are in doubt..This suggestion almost beggars belief and almost tantamounts to a calumny.

  2. I have to agree with this writer having followed Dr Bright for years and what he stands for but men and women with such integrity are forced out of the political landscape by intimidation through heavy handed backroom politics.
    Political parties as vehicles for ascending to the Presidency have become auction houses where the highest bidders and backward benders are selected/elected over men and women of integrity.

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