There is a time for every purpose under heaven

Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 11 February 2021:

In 2012, it was the time of Julius Maada Bio to petition election of Ernest Bai Koroma. Bio did not succeed. His petition was thrown out because of a technical mistake he made – he delayed to file within 7 days as required by Law. This is now the time for I, Sylvia Olayinka Blyden to petition Julius Maada Bio. I am praying that I succeed.

I believe that I have a very, very strong case against the 2018 election of H.E. Bio. However, President Bio and the SLPP have moved a Motion for the Supreme Court to throw my petition out without hearing it, based on technicalities they put forward – even though they accept that I filed correctly within 7 days.

Indeed, there is a time for everything under Heaven.  This is SLPP and Bio’s time to defend him that in 2018, he was duly elected. In November 2012, it was APC’s time to defend Ernest Bai Koroma.

The President is the 3rd Defendant in my Petition. The 1st Defendant is Nfa Ali Conteh (now purportedly replaced by the new Chief Electoral Commissioner Mr. Konneh), the 2nd Defendant is NEC and 4th Defendant is SLPP party. So there is total of four defendants in my matter.

My petition is for the Supreme Court to look at my evidence and based on my humble submissions, for the Court to declare that H.E. Julius Maada Bio never won the 2018 Presidential Elections.

Anyway, I am just returning home. These two photos were taken just now on the verandah of my Cockle Bay residence here in Freetown. They show how I looked when I appeared today at the Supreme Court.

I went to the Supreme Court in my capacity as a citizen inside a democratic country. I am so far representing myself in front of the Supreme Court. It has been an interesting time so far. There is a time for every purpose under Heaven. For 2012 elections, it was Julius Maada Bio against APC. For 2018 elections, it is Sylvia Olayinka Blyden against SLPP.

The matter is now adjourned to Friday 12th February 2021 at 10am in the morning. I will be there again. The lawyers for President Bio/SLPP will be there and the lawyers for Hon. Dr. Samura Kamara and the APC will also be there.

Whatever be the outcome decided by the Honourable Chief Justice and other esteemed Judges of the Supreme Court, we all are together building on Sierra Leone’s Jurisprudence around the proper conduct of a Sierra Leone Presidential Election and the proper manner of petitioning against such election results.

May God bless our democratic culture that makes possible this my personal Petition filed against the most powerful citizen of Sierra Leone (the President). May God continue to give me the courage to test the strength of our country’s democracy.

This courage, amongst other sterling characteristics of mine, is the reason why my hundreds of thousands of fans now nickname me as MOTHER OF DEMOCRACY IN SIERRA LEONE.

Long live our beautiful Sierra Leone democracy. Amen.

Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden (OOR), Wednesday 10th February 2021



  1. Alusine Fallay says—“ The reality is that the New Direction government will not be distracted from their 5 years mandate from the voters, and they have embarked on ACCELERATED DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS starting from the provinces by installing Electricity and Pipe- borne Water and construction of roads and bridges in all the District Headquarters. ”

    Wow, wow, wow, it appears our good friend, chief Fallay has graduated to new level of propaganda in 2021. I just came from Sierra Leone, as hundreds of holiday makers in recent months, nowhere was there any semblance of ongoing rapid infrastructural development as PAOPA sympathizers will deceptive allude. As we speak, the major artery roads leading to the central district hub (Kissy road, Fourah Bay Road, Regent street, and a host of others) lies in complete dilapidated state, full of pot-holes resulting from the lack of maintenance during the past 3 years. Other than the ongoing projects such as the Jomo Kenyatta—Hill Cot, and IMATT—REGENT roads, both spanning less than a mile left by the former regime, absolutely nothing else is being done in the capital, not to mention provincial or district headquarters town. I challenge chief Fallay to prove me wrong and substantiate his fallacious statements in this noble intellectual platform.

  2. The most precious gift from the Almighty is TIME. After Retired Brigadier Maada Bio lost the 2012 presidential election, he and most of the SLPP members and supporters decided to invest their PRECIOUS TIME in Education and mostly Agricultural and Mining activities around the country and allowed to destructive APC party to govern. Unfortunately for the past 3 years most members and supporters of the destructive APC party are wasting their PRECIOUS TIME on the path of making our country ungovernable based on the fact that their main occupation was STEALING and now most of them are BANKRUPT after losing power.

    The reality is that the New Direction government will not be distracted from their 5 years mandate from the voters, and they have embarked on ACCELERATED DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS starting from the provinces by installing Electricity and Pipe- borne Water and construction of roads and bridges in all the District Headquarters. Unfortunately information around Freetown is that the destructive APC party are paying some of their members to destroy some Electrical installations just to undermine development. By 2023 majority of the voters in the provinces will definitely reward President Bio with another 5 years mandate.

    I wish the destructive APC party will continue wasting their PRECIOUS TIME fighting Presidential Election Result and our First Lady for the next two years as a way to cover up their own INFIGHTING and the just concluded White Paper.
    Finally, I will continue to treat the Extradition Notice from the Police “with a grain of salt” until it is published by this Newspaper.

  3. We admire your exuberant energy, enigmatic character, in these trying times of our country’s history. I read your father’s bio-data on the web slightly over a year ago. I am compelled to say that you are a replica of the late dynamic figure. You are a woman steadily leaving an indelible imprint on the landmark of Sierra Leone’s political history.

  4. When the bright shinning light of democracy and the rule of law shall have fully penetrated deeply, into our homeland and, when the Grammy for courage shall be presented to deserving citizens for their respective role play to make it happen, history will not forget Sylvia Olayinka Blyden.

  5. When Dr Sylvia Olayinka Bylden petitioned the supreme Court back in 2018 presidential election, she was doing so with the knowledge that her chances of succeeding was very slim. According to her petition, votes registered in SLPP strong holds was full of voter irregularities. And inddeed, those APC supporters in SLPP strong holds, who brave the gauntlet of voter intimidation, and the threats of physical violence by dieherd SLPP supporters, did not matter to the electoral commission that were supposed to conduct this election in a free and fair manner. As a member of the APC party Dr Blyden, was within her rights to challenge the results within 7days after the results were declared. But as we all know, Bio and his paopo supporters were in no such mood.

    Indeed immediately the results were announced by the electoral commission,52 percent to Samura Kamara’s APC candidate to 48 percent its shows it was not an overwhelming victory, that Shows Bio and his party can clearly claim they have an overwhelming vote of confidence from the Sierra Leonean voting public. It shows our country is split into two camps. An imaginary line that runs from North to South. Thats why Bio has been such a disappointment in bringing our people together. Dr. Bylden for all intent and purposes has a case. That election was what we call a photo finish with no one claiming absolute victory. That was why Bio and his team, were in such a hurry for him to be sworn in, before our learned judges hear the case. He bet rightly, once he occupy the office of the president, and knowing the power he can lord over his subordinates, it will be a miracle or like squeezing blood out of a rock, for the supreme Court to overturn the results, and ask for a fresh ballots.

    Now three years to his presidency, Bio and his paopa supporters will relish the idea of the Supreme court thowing out the results. Then the speaker of Parliament will assume the role of president for three months as the constitution dictate. In three months time, we shall have another Preidential election. Imagine a divided APC party right now being undermined by a tiny minority of no hopers going to the polls that wants to tear this party apart. Chances are, Bio using the same play book, will get reelected using the same old tactics. Then his five year term will turn to eight years. No right thinking Sierra Leonean will want to countenance that horrible outcome for the good of our country.

  6. Loathe or like her personality, when it comes to resilience and bravery within the political arena, Dr. Sylvia Blyden remains the one and only bright shining star. Unlike the 99.9% politicians who always toe the line of their political demi-gods for personal selfish reasons, this woman remains a formidable force to reckon with, always ready to sacrifice everything she’s got to defend perceived injustices and political victimization. Absolutely no male politician even come close in being defiant and showing self-esteem when it comes to challenging the status quo on either side of the political spectrum. We continue to pray for her protection, and more leadership like her to step up to the occasion, in challenging our autocratic political dispensation.

  7. Was this lady not supposed to be on the list of people wanted by the police? Something seems to have gone amiss somewhere.

    • It’s all propaganda Mr. Dauda, all the individuals on that list being circulated are out in the open, living their normal lives in Sierra Leone. It’s all the work of POAPA extremists, who are only interested in sowing the seed of discord in our nation for political benefits.

    • Peter Dauda, this is a government of “blinking liars” as the good Lady herself once described them. They compete amongst each other as to who lies better. They lied that she is in Guinea. That is their assignment. To be telling lies.

    • Have you confirmed that that list is authentic. I have checked the police website and there is nothing like that.
      Secondly, arrest warrant and order of transfer are not sent to individual countries. They are sent as Red Notices to INTERPOL which has it’s headquarters in Lyon France. It is INTERPOL that publishes the Red Notice for the various NCBs around the world to act on them. Another thing suspicious about the so-called list is that it is not a warrant of arrest. Warrant of arrest is a document signed by a magistrate or judge and it is issue only when the police attach the indictment to a sworn affidavit.

      This age of social media and internet misuse you will be surprised if someone post on the web your death certificate and your image lying in a coffin. That list is a hoax my friend.

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