Welcome home Mr president to millions of empty stomachs waiting to be fed

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 19 September 2020:

President Julius Maada Bio and his wife – Mrs Fatima Bio, have few hours ago landed at the Lungi International Airport in Freetown, after spending twenty-three days in Beirut enjoying their honeymoon amidst much criticism and uproar back home.

The couple were met by a throng of chanting SLPP supporters close to the runway – to a red-carpet arrival which many are now referring to as the “arrival of Romeo and Juliet”.

Reactions to the president’s return home have been mixed. While his supporters are chanting – “the eagle has landed”, his critics  – who are accusing the president of jumping ship in the middle of a global and national pandemic  – with millions of homes going without proper meal every day amid rising poverty and unemployment, are asking the president – “you left us in hunger – what have you brought back for us?” – captured in this song that is now making the rounds on social media:

But on a more serious note, there are reports of the “tactical” removal this evening – just before the arrival of the president and his lady – of the Commanding Officer responsible for the Lungi Airport Police Station and the Senior Officer heading the Counter Terrorism Unit of Police – also at the Lungi Airport, with immediate effect. It is understood that both Officers are from the north of the country – heartland of the former APC government.

Earlier this week, the General Manager of the Lungi Airport – Ebenezer Macauley, was also sacked by “orders from above” – a euphemism for orders from state House. Mr Macauley – who is of Krio origin and suspected by the SLPP government to be an opposition APC sympathiser, has been swiftly replaced by Jack Massaquoi, a Southerner – an SLPP government supporter.

President Bio was also greeted on his return this evening by news of a sharp increase of 20 new COVID-19 cases reported in the country yesterday, the highest single day increase, since August 9th.

Today, 6 new cases were recorded, bringing the total number of COVID-19 cases in Sierra Leone to 2,159, with 72 dead, as the country’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Spokesman for the National COVID-19 Emergency Response Centre – Solomon Jamiru, is reported to have been tested  COVID-19 positive. He is said to be asymptomatic and in self-isolation at his home.

There are rumours, the president will soon be announcing major ministerial shake-up as economic conditions in the country continues to worsen, despite the massive bail out of almost $500 million by the World  Bank, the IMF, the African Development Bank,  and other international partners.

President Bio has returned to a country that is desperately seeking good leadership and a change of direction, both in terms of the economic hardship facing millions of Sierra Leoneans and the continuous abuse of power by those in authority.

Welcome back  Mr President and Mrs Fatima Bio from your honeymoon:


  1. TRUE. My brother, the ‘awesome’ STARGAZER is one of the most patriotic citizens on this forum. He is also great with his Shakespearean language – especially when one tries to decode his message, then the realization of his ingenuity is unravelled. Though, a lot of sly characters are always brandishing their knives ready to curtail his sparkle. Well, this is typical with Sierra Leoneans – excellence is never encouraged – don’t let them unnerve you!

    Certainly, all is not well with our showman from Lebanon. The nation knows there is already a mobility problem with the First Gentleman – let us hope this has not been compounded with an advanced stage of psychiatry. Disembarking from that plane was like watching a disillusioned man, who has lost everything, taking his first stride. Korthor Jalloh, don’t be complacent. It appears you have got a fight on your hands.

    • Thank you for your kind words my brother from another mother, “The Ilustrious” Mr Alimamy Turay; Sincerely brother, I have to admit your unblinking, honest eyes do not miss a damn thing – I thought I was the only one who saw a totally defeated man descending the steps of that plane, but strangely you saw it clearly also – indeed great minds think and see things alike – Indomitable Lions we are bro, waiting for trophies to win and territories to subdue. There’s a Rising Sun that never sets. You know the deal…(lol)

  2. “Temper, temper!” I know my hands are quite heavy Mr Fallay, and my gloves are made of steel, but it must be so; For I have made quite a few solemn promises to countless people I have met sleeping on the streets of Freetown that I will become the loudest voice for all who are disenfranchised, marginalized and economically oppressed in our beloved Sierra Leone. True, I am loyal to the ideals of the APC, that’s because I was raised in the midst of those courageous Pride of lions. But make no mistakes I am nothing but pure fire and I represent the future of a robust vibrant progressive APC that is totally dedicated and committed to correcting the past mistakes of previous governments – a new breed of leaders we are, embarking on a mission to bring our nation out of the darkness into the glorious majestic light.

    I am that Rising Sun that never sets; that eye of promise that refuses to blink, or flinch. Remember there’s a sun that is always blazing hot, that incinerates hypocrisy, greed and callousness without regret and fear. The SLPP is no match against us, the keenest minds that have ever come out of Sierra Leone; They have proven themselves to be dummies, unfit to rule our nation; two years and counting and nothing but losses upon losses to show for it. (lol) Your old washed up, tired soldier cannot complete a simple mission if I gave him one – it will eventually become a complete disaster just knowing that his knees will buckle under intense pressure in enemy territory.(lol)

    But give him food in huge amounts and this inept unrepentant tribalist will most certainly know what to do with it – hand him a blank sheet of paper and ask him to chart a course for the progress of our nation he will be totally confounded, not knowing what to do. Scraps of iron and base metal you guys really are, surrounding a giant magnet that doesn’t know its real value or worth.(lol)

  3. Stargazer, It’s very difficult to address a “ Jail Breaker” – who is a person that has been banned from this forum because of his disrespect for writers and forumites after several warnings, but unfortunately just showed up as a FICTIONAL CHARACTER to continue his disrespectful behaviour. I am even tempted to believe that you have been purposely rehired to be the “Adebayor” of this forum against the New Direction government.

    I purposely tried to get under the skin of Saidu Conteh who was banned from the forum, because he was always dreaming that “The Rising Sun Will Rise Again”. So now this fictional character has become UNHINGED and launched a competition for “Who will be the best Adebayor on this forum in disrespecting Sierra Leoneans that disagree with their ideology of stealing”. Just read your comments on the link below which contradict your current accusation:

  4. It was right here on this glorious forum that I insisted that this corrupt President was not sick and seeking medical attention, but was on one of those idle wild goose-chasing endeavours, or extravagant spending sprees he used to intermittently embark on. And it turned out I was right on the money. The old totally washed up soldier that used to shine boots until they became as clear as mirrors was somewhere frolicking around, leaving the duties of the State unattended to in shambles, gladly wrapped in blankets of delusions trying desperately to rekindle a spark in a relationship that had died eons and millenniums ago.(lol)

    Indeed, my perceptions about this inept, shady President have all been infallible – Now you can all call me a Prophet.(lol) Again, it was here that gullible individuals like Brima after being sold an outright lie, kept on chanting his endless, annoying, flimsy bogus prayers for a man that was enjoying himself on a yacht popping champagne, watching a beautiful sunset that was soothing and enchanting to the naked eyes and mesmerizing to the soul in its utter splendour.

    Yet being hopelessly wet behind the ears, Brima and Alusine believed Prezo was quietly RECOVERING on a sick bed somewhere in Lebanon. Goodness gracious! These people are as unguarded and impressionable as itsy-bitsy drooling little children with runny noses.(lol) Hey! The baton of power is now in your incompetent hands, stop the blame game and do something productive and useful…I dare you – double dare you and your entire criminal cabal to come up with ideas that will transform the lives of our people in the next two years.(lol)

  5. Some have accused President Bio of nonchalance, I would add callousness and sadism. President Bio, it’s now clear, went to Lebanon for a second honeymoon, taking cover behind the coffins of Sierra Leoneans who are dying of hunger and curable health conditions. Assuming that Maada had a health problem which required surgery, he would have headed for one of the Western capitals, not Beirut, the unstable Lebanese Capital. One can only deduce that one or more of the Lebanese businessmen have wormed their way into the Bios inner circles who arranged the visit to further their aims at the expense of Sierra Leoneans. It seems every President gets hooked and influenced by shady characters, most of them foreign. Do we still remember Siaka Stevens and Jamil Said Mohammed. I have personal experience of Joseph Momoh being wined and dined by another Lebanese businessman.

    Ernest Koroma leaned towards the Chinese who were financing all his personal projects as well as those of his family. Had APC won the last elections the country would have been overrun by the Chinese in the same way they have overran Zambia and other countries. What all of this shows is a “I am alright” type of attitude which permeates the presidency. We are a sorrowful people in terms of our inability to see that for as long as we keep alternating SLPP and APC in power we’re headed for the graveyard. Ordinary people suffer every day and they still go out to dance for these two parties. That’s why many Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora, in exasperation, have stopped helping family members because of their display of stupidity.

    Bio’s problem is that he has a domineering wife that he has trouble saying no to. It very much reminds me of the Mugabes in Zimbabwe. The late President Robert Mugabe was so much influenced by his young wife that in the end he was chased out of office by his own comrades-in arms. They did not stop there. They expelled his out-of-control wife, Grace Mugabe, or Gucci Grace as she was hatefully known by Zimbabweans from ZANU-PF, the political party that has ruled the country since independence.

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