Sierra Leone’s diplomats and the challenges of 21st century diplomacy

Mohamed Kutubu Koroma

20 January 2012

Parliament of Sierra Leone

Ghana, Nigeria and Sierra Leone achieved political emancipation from British colonial rule – almost back to back: 6 March 1967; 1 October 1960; and 27 April 1961, respectively.

Ghana and Nigeria wasted no time in establishing their foreign policy institutes that were, and still able to produce first class diplomats who have excelled globally in the international organizations they served and are currently serving.

But what can be said of contemporary Sierra Leone?

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Fourah Bay by-election results: Sierra Leoneans may be poor but they are not fools

Yusuf Keketoma Sandi

19 January 2012

It was President Abraham Lincoln who once said that: “You may fool all of the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all  the people – all of the time”.

Hence, it was down to the brave people of the Fourah Bay community in ward 369, who in the face of intimidation, to tell President Koroma and his spin doctors that the garbage city, the poverty, the poor conditions of living, the social deprivation and the joblessness have become too much to bear after five years of APC’s stewardship.

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Unofficial Political Parties Registration Commission Report slams political parties

19 January 2012

An unofficial report of the Sierra Leone Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC), has unequivocally cited those responsible for the violence that erupted at last weekend’s  Fourah bay local by-election.

The violence left several people severely wounded and hospitalised, including the ruling APC party’s Lansana Fadika and Brima Lewally; and the opposition SLPP party’s chairman of the contested local council ward – Abdul Aziz Carew.

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“Only a new government can bring equality for women” – says SLPP’s Dr. Kadi Sesay

18 January 2012

Vice presidential candidate - Dr. Kadi Sesay

Writing in the US magazine – Ms., yesterday 17 January, 2012, Dr. kadi Sesay – the vice presidential running mate to Sierra Leone’s opposition SLPP presidential candidate – Julius Maada Bio, has clearly set out her stalls, as to the profound changes she hopes to see in Sierra Leone, if her party wins November’s general elections.

This is what she says:

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The importance of good governance to Sierra Leone’s economic development

Alpha Kawusu

18 January 2012

Sierra Leone Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative

By itself, good governance does not hold the key that will unlock Sierra Leone’s growth potential. Indeed, there are countries in Africa that are fairly well governed, yet are still poor.However, it is impossible for economic development to be sustained in Sierra Leone without good governance.

Good governance promotes economic development, which in turn improves good governance.

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Sierra Leone’s opposition Peoples Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) holds ruling APC party responsible for Fourah bay violence

17 January, 2012

PMDC leader - Charles Margai

The party responsible for ensuring the electoral victory of president Koroma at the 2007 run-off elections – PMDC, have today reacted to the violence that took place at the Local Council by-election, at Fourah Bay – eastern district of Freetown last Saturday.

Popularly branded by Sierra Leoneans as the ‘king makers’, the PMDC party is a breakaway splinter of the main opposition SLPP party, which had no fewer than five cabinet positions on president Koroma’s ministerial team.

But after four years of shaky partnership, the marriage of convenience has come under a lot of strain and is fast unravelling, with some of the PMDC ministers sacked by president Koroma to make way for loyal members of the APC party, he believes he can trust.

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Bridging Sierra Leone’s skills gap: Participation of diasporans in the country’s development

Mohamed Kunowah Kiellow – The Netherlands

17 January 2012

It is a well-known and irrefutable fact that Mama Salone needs more intelligent and dedicated Sierra Leonean brains in order to develop. In most cases, however, many of these brains are contributing to the development of other countries.

I can gather from the “debate” taking place on various social media like Facebook, that every Sierra Leonean living abroad, means well for Sierra Leone.

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