Cooperative enterprises put business in the hands of cocoa farmers

Mohamed Sidie Sheriff – World Bank, Freetown

7 December 2011

From cocoa to chocolates

Cocoa farmers in Sierra Leone are coming together to increase the value of their produce. They are establishing cooperative enterprises that will effectively market and export their crop.

Cooperatives promote increased competition, drive up prices and give farmers a sense of ownership.

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Timbergate corruption scandal – justice delayed is justice denied

Alpha Kawusu

7 December 2011

Vice president Sam Sumana

It’s been over a week since Vice President (VP) Samuel Sam sumana was caught on tape, negotiating a bribe for personal financial gain.

One would have expected a swift resignation to follow the unfathomable brazenness and world class stupidity, exhibited by the man occupying the second highest office of the land.

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Sierra Leoneans are impoverished by dodgy mining agreements

Abdul R Thomas

Editor – The Sierra Leone Telegraph

12 December 2011

The Timbergate dust is yet to settle, after the political fracas caused by a TV documentary, exposing the country’s vice president colluding to defraud the state. Two of the culprits in the corruption scandal, acting as agents for the vice president have evaded justice, with the help of the good offices of those running the country.

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Timbergate saga: “The long winding road to no where!”

Raymond Dele Awoonor-Gordon

19 December 2012

President Koroma and Vice-President Sumana

Let’s end the game of wits.

We all know that politicians when whipped into mob frenzy can take banality to frightening heights. But the government creating a siege mentality – an ‘us versus them’ culture and an over-hyped monument to deadliness with mediocre performance, is nothing but a desperate addiction to the approval of nincompoops.


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Breaking News: Timbergate – 18 Members of U.S. Congress call for investigation of Sierra Leone logging scandal



13 December 2011

A statement received by the Sierra Leone Telegraph from Jonathan Ossoff – Senior Legislative Assistant in the Office of Congressman Hank Johnson, says that; “U.S. Representative Hank Johnson and colleagues are disturbed by reports of high-level corruption in partner country.”

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Civic education is needed to consolidate the peace in preparation for general elections in Sierra Leone

Mohamed Kunowah Kiellow

22 December 2011

Mohamed Kunowah Kiellow


Next year – 2012, general elections will be conducted in Sierra Leone, where a new president and members of parliament will be elected to represent the citizens.

All political parties are expressing high hopes of winning the election, and are ‘determined’ to change the economic, political and social lives of Sierra Leoneans.

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Political corruption and economics in Sierra Leone

Alpha Kawusu

3 January 2012

Sierra Leone State House


Political corruption in Sierra Leone involves the manipulation of political institutions for personal gain and the deviation from the rational-legal values of the modern state.

It includes extortion, nepotism, bribery, cronyism, patronage, graft, embezzlement, and clientellism.

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