President Koroma is NOT a champion of freedoms

October 25, 2013 0

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 October 2013 Sierra Leoneans old enough to remember former president Siaka Stevens’ modus operandi and political Machiavellianism, would see similar traits in the dictatorial tendency and extremist methods being employed by president Koroma today. (Photo: Stevens). Both presidents share the same philosophy and ideology, which [Read More]

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Ebola may be gone but political repression is entrenched in Sierra Leone

December 24, 2015 0

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 24 December 2015 Over a month ago, the World Health Organisation declared Sierra Leone free of the Ebola virus that had taken the lives of over 4,000 people and robbed millions of their dignity. Corruption and poor governance are the root causes of the spread of Ebola, [Read More]


Sierra Leone presidential hopeful John Sisay denies bribery and corruption allegations

August 19, 2017 0

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 19 August 2017 The leading contender for the ruling APC party’s 2018 presidential race – Mr John Bonoh Sisay is today denying serious allegations of bribery and corruption published this week. According to the publication, a secret inquiry by listed Australian miner Iluka Resources has embroiled Sisay, [Read More]


Sierra Leone AYV TV live political debate

August 8, 2017 0

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 8 August 2017 Over 25 state institutions have failed to submit their financial statements for auditing. Millions of dollars cannot be accounted for over many years. Does this refusal to submit financial statements undermine the economic rationalisation drive of government? Does this breed paranoia around corruption? Where [Read More]


Abdul Fatoma versus parliament of Sierra Leone – the death of civil liberty in Sierra Leone

February 13, 2017 1

Chernoh Alpha M. Bah Sierra Leone Telegraph: 13 February 2017 For several days now, the civil society activist and human rights campaigner – Abdul M. Fatoma (Photo), has been the centre of ugly news in Freetown. He is the latest victim of political intimidation and harassment in Sierra Leone – [Read More]


Dr. Jonathan Tengbe speaks about Kandeh Yumkella’s suspension of his SLPP Flagbearership

July 6, 2017 0

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 6 July 2017 Speaking today to the editor of the Sierra Leone Telegraph – Abdul Rashid Thomas, Dr Tengbe said that he fully supports yesterday’s press conference and statement published by a group of SLPP presidential aspirants in Freetown. Dr. Tengbe was personally unable to attend the [Read More]

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