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President Koroma’s coronation as lifelong chairman of APC threatens Sierra Leone’s democracy

March 29, 2017 0

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 29 March 2017 President Koroma’s coronation by the members of the ruling APC Youth League as lifelong chairman of the party at their convention in Port Loko last weekend, is now proving to have far reaching consequences beyond the corridors of the APC party offices. Tonight, there [Read More]



Sierra Leone opposition SLPP disunity and the importance of Alie Kabba’s leadership

January 28, 2017 0

By a patriotic Sierra Leonean Sierra Leone Telegraph: 28 January 2017 SLPP has to make an important decision concerning its presidential flag bearer of choice, and this decision will either make or break the party. And as things stand, the APC is attempting to take Sierra Leone back to a [Read More]


Sierra Leone opposition SLPP at the cusp of a long awaited peace deal

February 9, 2017 1

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 9 February 2017 After years of self-flagellation which almost led to the calamitous downfall of Sierra Leone’s main opposition SLPP party, there is news today of an end to its downward spiral. Peace it seems has finally returned where there was once anarchy, division and infighting among [Read More]


Sierra Leone presidential aspirant Alie Kabba speaks about the importance of peace and unity in the opposition SLPP

February 26, 2017 4

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 February 2017 Fellow Sierra Leoneans, Sisters and Brothers in the great SLPP: The quest to make our beloved Sierra Leone a happy progressive nation is one that deserves all of our energies and every pull of our efforts. This is a sacred journey that we should [Read More]


Media has an important role in Sierra Leone – says ambassador Foh

June 26, 2014 0

John Baimba Sesay The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 June 2014 Sierra Leone’s ambassador to the People’s Republic of China – Victor Foh, has said that without constructive, free and independent press in a democracy, it would be difficult for the three arms of Government – executive, legislative and judiciary, to [Read More]


Senior SLPP national executives fallen on their swords as balance of power shifts

January 5, 2017 9

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 4 January 2017 There has been a seismic shift in power in the National Executive Council (NEC) of Sierra Leone’s main opposition SLPP party tonight, after the council voted at its meeting in the Miatta Conference Hall in Freetown to expel and suspend some of its most [Read More]

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Breaking News – Sierra Leone district of Bo under siege – one student shot dead

March 23, 2017 6

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 23 March 2017 There are unofficial reports of two students shot by police this afternoon at a student demonstration in the centre of Bo. The students have been named as Mohammed Morlu and Augusta Sungai. One of them is believed dead, and the other has been taken [Read More]


Sierra Leone precious minerals – public trust and government openness

March 23, 2017 2

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 23 March 2017 The recent finding of Sierra Leone’s second largest diamond (Photo: Above – President Koroma showing the diamond to the world) in the Kono district by pastor Emmanuel Momoh  and the involvement of the Koroma government, in what will soon become a bonanza sale of [Read More]

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